What Is the Keto Diet?

You’ve probably heard of the famous Ketogenic Diet, otherwise known as the Keto Diet, as it has been all over social media recently; being endorsed by various celebrity ambassadors such as glamour model Jenna Jameson. You may also have heard stories of dramatic weight loss from those who have tried this diet, but what does it really consist of and where did it come from? Here, we take a closer look at this new trend to see if it really could be beneficial for you to try; if you are new to Keto you can also make use of Dr Berg’s blog here https://www.drberg.com/blog in order to find even more detailed information on this diet to help you make your decision.

Where Did It Come From?

The keto diet has unusual origins as it was originally trialled as a cure for epilepsy. This was in the 1920s and the diet was also recommended by doctors to help with a variety of other diseases. A welcome side effect of the diet was weight loss therefore it soon became more widely used. The name comes from the fact that the body produces ketones as a result of processing fats for energy, which is the general idea behind the diet. 

What Can You Eat?

The theory behind the diet is that by forcing your body to process fat to produce energy, rather than carbohydrates, you’ll burn more calories as it takes more energy for your body to do this. On the keto diet your daily food intake must contain around 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbohydrates which is a significant change from the standard diet enjoyed by most, especially in western countries. The main kinds of food you will find yourself eating in order to achieve these percentages are meat, fish, eggs, butter, avocados, oils, nuts, seeds and vegetables. You can even get KETO supplements to take alongside the diet.

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What Are the Health Benefits?

The keto diet is fairly easy to stick to, which is another contributory factor to its success as a weight loss solution, as it keeps hunger at bay. Due to the fact it still contains a variety of different foods unlike other fad diets like the Atkins diet, which is very protein heavy, you are still getting a balanced intake of food which is another plus. This also means that it is easy to stick to as it is not too one-dimensional and repetitive. As long as you approach the diet sensibly it can be a healthy way to lose weight. When starting a diet, it can be tempting to push yourself to limits as you are full of motivation however, this is an unsustainable approach so keep it realistic for the best results. Another great by-product of the keto diet is that you will have raised energy levels so it’s ideal if you’ve noticed yourself feeling lethargic a lot of the time.

To feel your best always make sure that you have the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Any shortfalls could be made up by supplements, Activated You has a great selection of antioxidants and nutrients available on their website.

Women, in particular, are exposed to a lot of pressure to lose weight and get involved in a range of trendy fad diets, but it is important to really look into them before signing up, as they are not all as healthy as they seem. Some diets push your body to unhealthy extremes which can be dangerous for your health however, the keto diet ensures that you still have a balanced diet which is sustainable long term. For more food tips, take a look at flushthefashion.com/food.

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