How to Prepare for Christmas Guests

Christmas is a time to be spent with family and friends, and they often travel long distances to spend time with you. As lovely as this is, having guests also means you need to be even more organised than usual at what can be a stressful time of year.  Here, we run through a few tips on how to prepare your home for Christmas guests in the hope that it will save you some time and thought which can be put to better use during this busy period. 

Christmas can be a busy time of year especially if you have guests, so make sure you’re well prepared for them. This way, you can relax during their stay and enjoy their company. If you find that the financial strain of guests becomes too much, you can always look at to see how they could help you bridge that gap.

The Guest Bedroom 

The guest bedroom will be where your guests spend a lot of their time and it will be an important space for them as it will be the only area where they get privacy during their stay. Because of this, it is important that you make sure the room is comfortable and an enjoyable place for them to spend time. Fresh bedding and towels are an absolute must and make sure you wash and iron them before the guests’ arrival. It’s best to provide an extra blanket too in case they get cold.

 If your windows have locks, make sure you provide a key so that they can open them if they get to warm too. Hopefully your windows have curtains or blinds but if you haven’t quite got around to kitting out your guest bedroom, try to prioritise these so that your guests can get a good night’s sleep.  Your guests will need somewhere to store their clothes and belongings so that they don’t have to live out of a case, so make sure you clear out at least a section of a wardrobe for them in the room. Lastly, provide a few little products in case they have forgotten anything such as soap, shampoo and a toothbrush. 

Cleaning and Tidying

One of the most important things you need to do to prepare for guests is clean and tidy your home. You want your guests to enjoy their stay and it can be an unpleasant experience for them if they are staying somewhere that is not clean or is full of clutter. This also helps to create a little extra space which you will need when you have more people in your home that usual. You may also need to have a quick whip round during their stay as a fuller house becomes dirty more quickly.

Stock Up 

With more people to feed, you’re going to need to seriously stock up on food and drink before their stay. Make sure you ask if they have any special dietary requirements so that you don’t end up cooking food they can’t eat and stick to meals that you can cook and serve in one big batch for people to help themselves to. This way, you won’t have to spend so much time plating up for lots of people.

Good luck!

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