The Hottest Cars On The Market

Even if cars are something that you don’t really have a passion for, and you’re not really sure what the specs of a car actually mean, you’ll still have an interest in them. You’ll still have an interest in how it looks, how quickly it goes, and how much fuel it’s going to guzzle. It’s the same for pretty much everyone. But there are some of you who will be car enthusiasts, wanting to know every little detail about it, and being able to compare it to other cars on the market.

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The ones who take pride in their own cars, probably put modifications on it like you wouldn’t believe, and would protect their car until the bitter end. So whatever category you fall into, there still might come a time where you need a new one, and you just don’t know which one to get. If that time is now, then we’ve got a few of the hottest cars on the market for you, and we know you’re going to love them. So kick back and relax, and see if any of these cars catch your eye.

Fiat 595 Abarth

The Fiat 595 Abarth is such a cool car. A lot of you might have instantly turned your noses up at such a car, simply because the Fiat 500 is known to be a girls car. But the Abarth, is something else entirely. This is a work of art, that turns a girly car into something suitable for the streets. But the fact that it is so sporty, came make it more expensive to insure. You might need to search for combined motor trade insurance in different places, to see where you get the best deal! The design is fresh and sporty, and with the car being so small and nippy, it really does pack a punch with the Abarth engine inside of it. The standard engine has a 1.4L turbo jet engine, giving out around 165BHP. But there are bigger engine sizes with more power, and some people have modified some to give out a ridiculous amount of power. The handling is great, and the interior is super smart. So if you’re looking for a hot hatchback that’s going to power you round the roads, this is the one for you!

Audi A3

The Audi A3 has always been one of the best cars on the market, for a long while. It’s a car that so many people are aiming to have, but we know that the price tag attached to it is just too high for some people. However, if you could ever get a good finance deal, you really wouldn’t regret it.  The new range is out at the minute, and it’s bigger and badder than ever. The S3 sportback is one of the best, most affordable, versions that you can get. The inside of the car is geared out to be sporty, with lower sunk sports seats, and a sports steering wheel that makes handling so much easier. The best sized engine to get would be the 2L TFSI diesel engine. It would power you off the mark, giving you the BHP and the torque to throw you back in your seat.

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