Treacle Clothing

Treacle Clothing is a Midlands, UK based collective of artists, photographers, musicians, dropouts, graffiti artists, geeks, filmmakers and most importantly, friends.


We spoke to Treacle head honcho Robert Watson to find out more.

How did Treacle Clothing come about?
We all came together in a club night that toured the Midlands called ‘Wonkey Disco’ and playing reggae dub funk and dubstep with live art running all night, we played in Birmingham at the Rainbow Wear House, Gatecrasher in Birmingham and other locations all over the Midlands.

Is there an ethos or style that goes into Treacle clothing?
We’re grassroots artists, the people you see on the street every day, making something special out of the mundane and enabling the talent that is hidden in every town and city in the UK to flourish.

We produce limited edition T-shirts featuring original and exclusive designs from a host of the UK’s established and undiscovered grassroots, graffiti and fine art creators. Our t-shirts are “Fair Wear Foundation” and as a brand we represent ethical trade and justice for workers, splitting all profits [EQUALLY] with our artists.

Can people submit designs for consideration?

Treacle clothing core will never change but as the brand grows we are meeting people all the time through the internet and extended friends. So we are getting input from people all over the UK and all over the world.

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What new designs do you have in the pipeline?
We currently have two designs from new artists in production from ‘cherry’ at ‘spoon of sugar moon fruit’ and ‘dirty thirty’ a polo shirt from ‘N4T4’ and a sweatshirt from Philth. We are now working with artists all over the U.K and Treacle 010 by xguix comes from San Palo in Brazil.

The brand has just released our 10th shirt in a collectors box with numbered certificate and stickers. or on Twitter @treacleclothing

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