Send us your sounds

Flush the Fashion wants you!
Well not you exactly, we want to hear your music. We all know the music industry is f**ked and more people watch X-Factor than vote and Myspace is great, but who knows who to listen to?

Flush the Fashion wants to do our bit for new music, We’re fed up with plastic popstars/TV presenter/singer/actor/perfume/magazine sellers.

We’re looking for real people making real music. We don’t care if your 12 or 70, signed or unsigned, ugly or beautiful. We’re like George Michael and listen without prejudice.

If you have a band, or write music and are good, we want to hear from you.
We have a soundcloud account so you can add a track to our Flush the Fashion group.

Just add one track, and follow us on twitter (here) so we can get in touch. If we like something enough we’ll do a feature and use one of your tracks on our free monthly download samplers.

Here is some of the stuff being shared at the moment in our group, if you want to try something new give it a listen.
Note: We have no control over who uploads their music so the content quality might be variable!

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Send us your sounds

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