Summer Designer Items THEY Don’t Want You To Know About

Thrilled about the summer holiday? Then you’ve got to prepare beforehand to make sure you’ll have the time of your life and avoid stress. Usually, people tend to return home even more tired than before the time off because they were stressed about various aspects, such as their pet, work or simply their clothes not being what they wanted. 

Your holiday should be relaxing, so you must plan for your expenses and the items you’ll bring, and forget about work. So, if you need new clothes but also want to look fabulous on the beach, here’s what you’ll need. 

Swim shorts 

When it comes to wearing something that can be used for swimming and relaxing at the same time, getting a pair of designer swim shorts is the best thing you can do. That’s because their designs are versatile enough for sitting down at a restaurant but also resistant to any kind of weather conditions. For example, standard swim shorts have in their composition nylon, mesh lining made out of polyester and elastane, which makes them perfect for wherever you go. Designer pieces will make you look smart, trendy and popular. Luckily, some designer options are not overestimated at all as they care about consumers, which is why they’ve made sustainable products to support the environment. 


One of the best clothing items for your summer holiday is a nice pair of sneakers because they’ve become the staple of each man’s outfit. They’re adaptable enough for casual and formal outfits, which is why owning a great pair of sneakers will complete your look regardless of what you choose to wear that day. Nike and Vans, for example, are some staple yet affordable sneakers you can get, and their simple designs are what you need for a casual day at the beach and a fun night at a restaurant. Make sure you try on a few pairs before purchasing because you need to be 100% comfortable in them during your holiday

Tote bags 

Tote bags are everywhere, and if you think they’re made only for women, you should give them a try! Tote bags are a stylish yet fun alternative to backpacks, and you can pack basically anything you need as they’ve got enough space for most necessities. And yes, there are designer tote bags to satisfy the demand for this trend. These strong and durable designer tote bags are also a sustainable way to spend your holiday because you can simply wash and reuse them. Some affordable products for men include tote bags from Études and Adidas. You can find plenty of designs and colour combinations to work well with your outfits. 

Bottom line 

If you’re excited about the next summer holiday but are on a budget, know that you can still dress stylishly and coolly. Some essential clothing pieces you need include a good pair of swim shorts and sneakers and a trendy tote bag to complete your outfit and provide functionality.