Sponsored Video – Universal Channel ‘100% characters’

Here’s a cool video to promote the new-look Universal Channel, now available on all the main TV providers in the UK. To go with the new logo comes the tagline “100% Characters”, a phrase chosen to reflect the channels new ‘character based’ focus.

Lisa Mason, the star of this video is a shining example of what the channel mean when they say “100% characters”. She was a senior Gymnastic Champion at the age of just 14, but won her last title way back in 1998.

In the subsequent years she’s kept busy as a choreographer and stunt double, not to mention the small task of bringing up a young daughter. Now, at the age of 33 she’s making a gymnastic comeback with the aim of representing Britain in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Just to be clear, this is gymnastics we’re talking about, not archery or snooker. The shelf-life of a female gymnast is severely limited to say the least. Young kids can stretch and flex, but as the years go on it doesn’t matter how much cod liver oil you drink, muscles start to stiffen up.

Traditionally anyone over the age of 20 is definitely past their best, so that’s why Lisa’s come-back is not so much surprising, as jaw-droppingly amazing. Things are going well for her too, focusing on the beam and vault she’s defying the laws of gravity, not to mention the laws of physics.


Personally, I find her story incredibly inspiring and if the Universal Channel can find TV characters that matches up to Lisa, it could be one worth tuning in to.

For more info visit www.universalchannel.co.uk

This video is sponsored by Universal, but all thoughts are my own.

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