Sponsored Video: An Invitation to #ChocolateHeaven

Did you watch the Wimbledon final last weekend? I did. For a moment there it looked like Federer was going to take a historic eighth title, however not one to rest on his laurels, Roger’s next encounter will see him taking up an all-together different challenge from American World Cup alpine ski racer, Lindsey Vonn.

It all started last October when Fed tweeted his millions of followers a question….

Amoung the many suggestions and offers was one from Lindsey Vonn that said “I’ll Ski with you, if you play tennis with me”. It was the start of a beautiful friendship and the pair have been vocal supporters of each others sporting activities ever since. They’ve been using social media to keep in touch and as you can see in the video they’ve cleared their schedules and the challenge is on!

What exactly they’re going to be doing together is still a mystery, but we do know more will be revealed this Thursday (17th) and it will definitely involve Lindt Chocolate too. Which seeing as though Roger (like the chocolate) is Swiss and Lindsey is an angel, the encounter is definitely a case of #ChocolateHeaven.

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This post is sponsored by Lindt, but all thoughts are my own.