Sponsored Post: Hakkasan, MGM Grand Las Vegas

According to the old saying… “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.. but times are changing in this Nevadian Oasis and it’s becoming increasingly more well known for it’s hip restaurants and nightclubs almost as much as the Elvis Impersonators, Boxing and drive-thru Weddings.

Take Joël Robuchon’s restaurant in the Mansion at MGM Grand, it has three Michellin stars and is one of (if not the) best restaurants in the world. People travel thousands of miles to sample his ‘Ruffled Langoustine Ravioli with Chopped Cabbage’, and don’t even get me started on his ‘Raspberry Milk Mousse Medley, Earl Grey Puffed Rice Krispies’.

I love Vegas and it’s the once place in the world where time really is irrelevant (mainly because there are no clocks anywhere) and it’s easy to find yourself having lunch at 4am in the morning or waking up and wondering what year it is, never mind the day of the week.

When it comes to entertainment, Vegas does things BIG with a capital ‘B’ of all the Hotels, the MGM Grand has probably the biggest choice; you could easily spend a week within the Hotel and do something different every day (or night).

In addition to it’s main arena (in the next two weeks they have Lady Gaga, Aerosmith and Justin Timberlake all appearing), the MGM Grand has recently opened Hakkasan, a nightclub and restaurant with 5 floors of varying levels of decadence.

All housed within the one club are a restaurant, private dining areas, sky suites a pavilion area with waterfalls, the Ling Ling lounge, a fourth floor dance area for the resident DJ’s and the star of the show, a spectacular main room that is home to guest DJ’s that in recent weeks have included, Calvin Harris, Moby, Jesse Marco and Tiesto.

This is nightclubbing Vegas style, so Hakkasan is definitely more bling and less sweat than your average UK venue. That means no hats and a collored shirt for the guys and an all together more sophisticated evening than you might normally be used to at The Fridge in Brixton. But it’s certainly no less fun and you don’t get voted “No. 1 Nightclub in the World” by Playboy Magazine for nothing (see above).

For more info on Hakkasan and all the other cool stuff happening at the MGM Grand click HERE

This video is sponsored by MGM Grand, but all thoughts are my own.

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