Size Matters: Should You Buy A Big Car Or A Small Car?

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Not sure whether to go big or small when buying your next car? Here are several questions to ask yourself that could help you decide which vehicle is more practical for your needs.

What’s your budget?

If you’re looking to save your money, a small car is your best option. Small cars generally have better fuel economy and are cheaper to insure. Many small cars are popular amongst young drivers on a budget for this reason such as used Mini hatch cars. Big cars are better for those with a bigger budget – not only are they more expensive to purchase, but they’re also more expensive to insure and burn up more fuel.

Where do you live?

The type of location in which you live might also determine whether a big car or small car is better suited to you. If you live in a city, it’s likely a smaller car will be more practical. Small cars are better for coping with narrow streets, plus you’ll be able to take advantage of small spaces for parking (this is one of Smart’s biggest selling points). If you live in a rural location meanwhile, a bigger car is likely to be more suitable. Bigger cars generally have more ground clearance, making them better at dealing with rough terrain.

Do you need the space?

Space is a big factor to consider. Smaller cars are likely to have smaller boot space. If you need to carry lots of belongings around with you whether this be work equipment or luggage, a bigger car is certain to be more practical. Bigger cars may also be better suited for carrying add-ons such as a roof rack or a bicycle on a bike rack. Those with big families might also have no choice but to buy a bigger car. Some small cars may still have three seats in the back, but in some cases this middle seat is basically unusable.

Will you be driving long distances?

The distance you plan to regularly travel may also help you determine whether a bigger or smaller car is right for you. If your planning roadtrips, you’ll want a bigger car as it will have more legroom and more space for luggage. Some bigger cars can also have a good mileage. Smaller cars are less spacious and could become uncomfortable on long journeys for multiple passengers. On average, they are a little speedier, so you may be able to get to your location quicker. That said, a small car may get weighed down if you’re carrying lots of luggage and passengers taking away some of this speed, whilst a bigger car is less likely to be affected.

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