Thrilling Days Out To Shake The Winter Blues

January and February are viewed by most people as the worst months of the year. It’s easy to see why this argument is so common: the weather is foul, the days are short, and you’ve not even got the excitement and festivity of Christmas to keep your spirits up.

It’s just a long, long slog right through to the time the clocks “spring forward” and daylight becomes more than just a passing acquaintance once more.

However, it’s worth remembering that you’re likely to live through 70+ Januarys and Februarys in your life. That’s a huge amount of time that is often wasted just waiting for spring to roll around. Rather than feeling like your life is on hold until the weather begins to warm, why not inject some fun back into things and organise a high-octane day out?

Theme parks

Drayton Manor opens earlier than you might think.

Theme parks are usually a great choice for a high-octane day out, but most tend to close during the winter months. This is a well-known fact, so it might not even occur to you to check the opening times until March at the earliest.

Prepare to be surprised: plenty of theme parks open in February to coincide with the school half-term break. You may want to avoid the water rides if the weather is cold, but for the most part, the experience will be every bit as enjoyable as it would be during the spring or summer.


There’s nothing quite so high-octane and exciting as paintballing, especially if you’re still struggling with winter lethargy and leftover Christmas blues. Paintballing is an outdoor activity, which may make you write it off during the summer months, but there’s actual plenty of reasons paintballing should be considered a year-round endeavour.

After all, you can wrap up warm, and most organisers will provide body-covering suits to protect you against paint, thus giving you an extra layer. If you’re concerned about mud or water: don’t be! The whole point of paintballing is to get messy, so don’t worry too much about problematic weather conditions.

Track days

It could be you…

If you’re a fan of driving but not such a fan of speed limits, then a track day is the perfect way to drive at any speed you wish without breaking the law. You can take your own car to a track day, or select from the high-quality supercars that some tracks provide.

There’s no speed limits, so you can whizz around to your heart’s content and try all the moves you’ve always thought of doing. Furthermore, if you don’t want to wait until summer to have a fun day out with your kids, family track days provide plenty of entertainment that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is doing.

In conclusion

The first two months of the year needn’t be draining and lifeless. Why not give one of the above a go, shaking your routine up and ensuring you’ll be smiling right through to spring?

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