Recipe: Classic Burger & Fries

Burger BunchI can never understand people who buy ready made burgers from the shops. Better to buy some good quality mince and make your own. It’s just as quick and they taste a million times better.

These are also perfect cooked on a BBQ, but you might want to wait until the sun comes out. This recipe serves 4 and takes approx 15 minutes to make.

500g Lean mince steak                                               4 Large long potatoes
4 Seeded burger buns                                                 2 Beef Tomatoes
Worcester Sauce                                                         Salt and pepper
2 Cream Crackers                                                       1 Onion
Mustard                                                                       Mayonnaise
Tomato Ketchup                                                          Gherkins
Rocket Salad                                                              Cherry Tomatoes
Gruyere Cheese (4 slices)                                          Vegetable oil

Classic Burger & Fries Recipe

Rinse the potatoes and pat dry with a kitchen towel, cut lengthways into fries and put to one side (do not peel).

Add the mince to a mixing bowl with 4 splashes of Worcester Sauce, a dash of Salt and Pepper. Crush the cream Crackers with the back of a spoon and add to the bowl.

Squash and blend the mixture firmly together with your hands for a few minutes until you have big burger ball. Separate into 4 and put to one side.

Classic Burger & FriesWash your hands

Slice the beef tomato and onion lengthways, cut the burger buns in half.

Empty the vegetable oil into a deep frying /chip pan and put on a medium heat. Once hot, add the potatoes and cook for approx 5 minutes or until the skins start to blister.

Remove the blanched fries from the pan and place on kitchen towel (you are only part-cooking them at the moment) and put to one side.

Slice the beef tomato and onion lengthways and cut the burger buns in half.

Put the deep frying pan back to the heat, add one of the blanched fries.

Heat shallow frying pan with small amount of Veg Oil, add 4 burger balls, press down with a metal spatula (or potato masher) to shape them like burger

Once the blanched fry starts to sizzle, add the rest to the pan.

Put the grill on.

Turn the burgers over after 4-5 minutes, and check on the fries too, turn them with a metal spoon as the ones underneath cook quicker.

Lightly grill the burger buns for a couple of mins on each side.

Your burgers and fries should be cooked at about the same time. Drain the fries and put them on some more kitchen towel.

Add a slice of cheese to each burger, put them under the grill.

Meanwhile put your Tomato, Onion and Gherkin onto your burger bun and put the fries onto your plate next to your rocket salad and cherry tomatoes.

Once the Cheese has melted add the burgers to the buns, top with Mayo, Mustard AND Tomato sauce.

Classic Burger & Fries Recipe

That’s it! Enjoy!

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