Manscaping On The Go: Travel Grooming 101

When a man goes travelling, his life doesn’t stop. Sure, things change and perspectives modify over time.

It’s hard not to give a crap when you spend half your time on a beach drinking cocktails. Still, some things never change, and grooming a prime example. Men might not see the point in maintaining a clean-cut image abroad, but most don’t want to go overboard. A couple of day’s growth is one thing; a full-on beard is another!
Yep, men must take care of their grooming needs even when they are thousands of miles away. The question is, how does one do it in a hostel and a foreign country? The answers for all you clean cut fashionistas are underneath. Enjoy!


Pack The Essentials

First thing’s first – take the essential grooming products. Most places in the world sell razors and beard trimmers, but they aren’t as easily accessible. Also, there’s the fact that it might not be the same brand or type of product you desperately need. More importantly, there is a language barrier which gets in the way, unless you are a linguist, of course. To avert any grooming disasters during your trip, don’t be afraid to take a wash bag full of essentials. From a trimmer to moisturiser and shampoo, they will come in handy. A tip: pack smaller versions for room-saving purposes. The idea of lugging industrial-sized bottles of beard product around the world is frightening.

Find A “Safe” Space

No, you won’t get arrested for trimming your beard in a shared bathroom. But, it isn’t stupid to think there will be repercussions the way people stare. The problem with travelling is accommodation. For the most part, a hostel will be your home of choice because it’s cheap and social. However, cutting a full-blown beard down to size in a shared bathroom is uncouth. No one wants you to do it, and you don’t want to get caught either. The middle ground is a quiet bathroom no one uses. Every hostel has them and you have to locate it. Alternatively, you can pencil in your bathroom grooming activities outside of rush hour. In basic terms, don’t do it at 8 o’clock in the morning!

Keep On Top Of It

And, “keep on top of it” means everything. This post has mainly centred on a beard, but there are other areas which need maintenance. You don’t have to be a manscaper to understand the crown jewels need cleaning from time to time. But, for the men who aren’t avid gardeners, the how to shave your balls via post will come in handy. When guys go away, they get lazy because there is a lack of routine. Then, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think there is a Yeti nearby. Maintaining a cycle while travelling is just as important as having one at home. After all, you’re not a hippy! Anyway, guys like to impress girls, and nothing is better than well-groomed stubble and short hair.

Be Watchful

No matter how many products you pack, they will run out at some point. People who are travelling for a long time will have to deal with this bridge as and when it appears. But, there is nothing wrong with a bit of reconnaissance work. The trick is to head to the nearest supermarket or pharmacy and check the shelves for stock. Should you spot a familiar product, you can buy it on the spot. Or, you can bide your time and hope other establishments in the area stock it too. The last thing you want to happen is to find that the essentials are gone and there are no replacements.


Trust A Pro

Getting a haircut abroad is a big deal. For some reason, the barbers and hairdressers don’t appear as trustworthy. So, the temptation to grow your hair long will be hard to resist. It’s better than getting butchered, right? Well, the thing is they are not amateurs with sharp instruments. Yes, there are horror stories, but these are usually due to a lack of communication. As long as you can tell the man or woman with the scissors what style you want, everything should be fine. Taking a picture from a magazine and asking them to replicate it is an oldie but goodie and works fine. Also, don’t be scared to research the barber/hairdresser beforehand.

Travelling allows you to take it easy, but a man has to stay sharp regardless of his location.

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