Liverpool: Host of Eurovision 2023

The EuroFestival is in full-swing in Liverpool. Joyously alive with the sound of music, Liverpool and the UK as a whole is sending a strong message of unity to Ukraine.

Through the power of art, the Soloveiko Songbird trail in Liverpool’s city centre embraces the war torn country from afar.

The installation of twelve giant Soloveiko, or nightingales in English, represent Ukraine’s national bird and nearly 50 Ukrainian regions. Together, the sculptures shine a light on everything unique to Ukraine from mosaics found in Mariupol to the country’s rich and varied landscapes.

Learning about Ukraine through the Soloveiko songbirds, which symbolise happiness and of course song, explore Ukrainian culture and at the same time immerse yourself in the spirit of Liverpool. The Director of Culture Liverpool aptly described this year’s festival as a “scouse/Ukrainian mashup of brilliance”.

To make the most of everything on offer, this handy map (below)details where all twelve sculptures are, and also their proximity to hidden hotspots around Liverpool from quirky pubs to cool shopping districts, and historical, must-see music sites.

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Kaye O'Doherty

Kaye O’Doherty is editorial assistant at The Week Junior magazine. She studied anthropology at Durham University, and she’s a lover of people, food, fashion and travel. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @kayeodoherty