Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body in Lockdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our everyday lives, it is important that we stay positive during this time and recognise the bravery and determination our doctors, nurses, and other colleagues show when putting their own lives at risk for the sake of others. Staying safe and staying at home are priorities we all share at this current time, and as well as finding reliable ways to stay healthy and entertained. 

With this said, thanks to the power of technology there are numerous apps and platforms we can use to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Let’s discuss some of the UK’s favourable ones being used throughout this pandemic. 

Say Hello to Healthy Meals with HelloFresh 

Health meals have become a must under lockdown measures. Luckily, HelloFresh provides an online order and delivery service of pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes for you to cook hassle-free meals with. For those that are trying to find a balance of healthy home cooked meals for the family, but ones that are also stress free, HelloFresh allows for users to choose their desired recipes from a weekly menu, and then delivers the required amount of ingredients needed to do so. 

Showing to be a significantly popular choice of home food delivery, HelloFresh have experienced an on-going increase of online orders by 43.1% over recent years and are now responsible for providing 27.1 million meal plans to households. Offering an easy-to-use and relaxed home food delivery service, HelloFresh assures their customers are not tied down to any unwanted long-term plans or commitments, and instead are given the flexibility to choose when and what weeks their meals are delivered. 

Ranging from classic family favourites to low-calorie cuisines, their service provides a variety of different meal plans from all over the word to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

The Role of myGP®

To help those maintain access to healthcare and advice, myGP® uses critical technology to allow for this to happen from the comfort of your own home. Accounting for an incredible increase of 1451% in video calls with a GP, this app allows reliable contact between individuals and their GP during self-isolation. The app aims to have you in contact with a medical professional within just a few days of your request. 

As speculation surrounding the coronavirus rises and media sources add some rather questionable theories on the matter, myGP provides accurate information from reliable sources, including Public Health England and the NHS. For those that need clarification on the virus, its symptoms, and the spread of it, myGP provides a symptom checker tool you can use.

As for those that require regular medical prescriptions, their service allows you to order and receive these direct to your home. With an increase of 47% in digital prescriptions being dealt with by them in recent months, this has allowed for individuals to order their required medications by the click of a button. Since many of these were ‘collect and collect’ orders, myGP has been testing a medicine home delivery service to prevent the need for their members to leave home to collect their prescription. So far this has proven effective, with a 179% increase in medications being delivered direct to patients’ homes. 

Get Fit with Fiit 

Ensuring your physical health doesn’t suffer whilst in lockdown, Fiit claims to ‘bring the gym home’ to you. Rated as the number one fitness app, it provides over 500 workouts that are led by world-class trainers that put together over 18 goal-based training plans ranging from entry level to advanced. Whether you’re looking to shed some weight or simply stay in shape, their four to six-week training plans are tailored to suit your physical ability and help achieve your personal fitness goals. 

Perhaps one of the biggest perks about going to the gym is being able to train with others who are motivated to achieve the same goal as you. Although going to the gym is not currently possible, Fiit allows to you to train in over 40 virtual group classes that are scheduled every day to help boost your motivation and determination. Not only that, being able to physically see and monitor progress is a must for some, which is why Fiit accurately records how many calories you burn based on your height, weight, and heart rate during exercise. Plus, it counts how many reps you do and gives you the option to challenge others in their live leader board classes for those that thrive under healthy competitive pressure. 

Participating in physical activity has been proven to work as an effective stress reliever and is the ideal way to ensure your body stays healthy during lockdown. Whether you prefer HIIT classes, body weight training, yoga or pilates, there is an exercise class dedicated to keep everyone fit and active. 

Keeping a healthy body and mind should always be set as a priority, not just when Covid-19 prevents us from undergoing our everyday activities. Therefore, use the time you have indoors to explore new ways to make some positive lifestyle changes to your everyday routine. 

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