Ready For The Ultimate Road Trip? Why You Should Travel The UK By Road

In 2017, government statistics estimated the length of UK roads as approximately 246,700 miles, with the longest road stretching for 360 miles, according to RAC. Despite being a small island, the United Kingdom offers plenty of breathtaking sceneries for tourists to explore. And there is no better way to come close to the natural landscapes than by car. A road trip guarantees unlimited view to beautiful sites through forests, over the hills, into picturesque, peaceful villages, and down the rugged coastlines.

While there is nothing quite thrilling like travelling the open roads, it takes a lot of preparation to make the experience memorable. Planning the perfect road trip might be challenging, but it will help you make the most of your UK vacation. If you’re planning to come here to drive (if so, welcome, we hope you have a great time!) it’s smart to consider the requirements for a UK ETA to prepare for upcoming legislation From there, you may consider the following advice:

Pre-Plan Your Route

With many scenic routes to explore in the UK, you need to identify your start and finish destination. By using Google Maps, you can get an idea of timing and adjust your route. Knowing how long it will take to travel from one point to another helps you determine must-see places and allocate enough time for sightseeing. 

If, for instance, you intend to explore the Atlantic Highway in South West England, decide whether you will be driving the entire road from Bath to Falmouth. That way, you will not only explore many attractions but also experience a smooth drive. 

Prioritize Detours 

Once you’ve reached your destination, leave room for spontaneity. Don’t skip the opportunity to sightsee unknown attractions along the way. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling the North Coast 500 in Scotland, Snake Pass, or Cheddar Gorge in England, plan for unexpected turns and stops along the way. Additionally, don’t hesitate to get off the highways and take the long, scenic routes. Taking the roads less travelled is exciting, as it allows the opportunity to meet the locals and engage in adventurous activities like hiking, fishing, and swimming.

Invest in the Right Car

Choosing the best vehicle for your road trip is essential for a less stressful vacation. Now’s the time to search for reliable vehicles months before your long-awaited car trip. Take advantage of online resources to speed up the process of finding the most dependable cars on the market. 

Depending on your needs in terms of terrain and passengers, you can choose between small, compact, or midsize SUVs. After all, your top consideration during a lengthy drive is reliability on both tarmac and rough roads. 

Remember to Pack Smart 

Before you can hit the road, create a list of travel essentials to ensure that you pack accordingly. Given that Britain’s weather is unpredictable, prepare for rainy days even during the warm months, especially if you are heading to the north or west side. 

Bring the appropriate clothing for hot and cold weather. Also, pack enough snacks, camping gear, personal toiletries, an emergency kit, GPS and navigation apps, and entertainment for the trip.  

Going on a road trip with family, friends, or solo is fulfilling. Create amazing memories by researching your ideal destinations and highlight the must-visit attractions. While travelling spontaneously opens more doors for adventure, also knowing where to go will set you up for the ultimate road trip across the UK.