How To Choose The Best Type Of Hair Extensions

Women always devote ample time to grooming, brushing, and braiding their hair. Yet there are days when they wish their hair looked a certain way. Hair extensions can help on days like these. They add length and volume that you would not have been able to achieve simply by growing your hair.  

Nonetheless, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hair extensions. It’s essential to consider different factors when investing in extensions, such as hair texture and lifestyle. Fortunately, this post will go over the key factors to help you make the best decision.  

  • Material 

Among the many options for hair extension available on the market, two sought-after materials are human hair and synthetic hair. As its name suggests, the former is made of 100% natural human hair right from top to bottom.  

Remy natural hair extensions are the gold standard for hair extensions and are an excellent option. These are more durable compared to synthetic ones. Because they’re made from natural human hair, Remy extensions can withstand many events and rainy days. According to Spectrum One’s article, you can style them the same way as your natural hair. Therefore, you can straighten, curl, blow-dry, color, and apply most professional hair products to them. 

On the contrary, synthetic hair extensions wouldn’t be able to handle these treatments and services. Synthetic equivalents are made of artificial fiber, so you cannot color them. Remember that most hair dyes contain bleach or ammonia, which can destroy or ruin extensions.  

  • Color 

Color is another significant consideration when you shop for natural hair extensions. You don’t want to add blonde curls if you have brown hair. Check the extensions’ color against your own until you find one that matches. Ideally, it’s best to do this during the daytime so you can observe the shades better. If your hair is not one-dimensional, consider dual-blended or tri-blended colors for your extensions.  

  • Texture 

The ultimate goal of hair extensions is to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, so the texture is a critical part of that. Many types of natural hair extensions are suitable for various hair textures. The Chinese hair type usually has medium density, while Russian hair tends to be thicker and denser.  

Applying extensions that don’t match your hair’s texture despite your best efforts may result in an unkempt look. Hence, ensure you carefully examine your hair before purchasing extensions. You wouldn’t want curly extensions if you have straight hair unless you’re willing to experiment. 

  • Length  

Not everyone suits any hair length. So, before choosing your hair extensions, sort your priorities first, with comfort at the top of your list. If you prefer shorter hair, don’t get long extensions; the same goes if you have long hair. Having a clear vision of what you want your hair to look like is a good idea when choosing hair extensions.  

  • Type: Clip-In Vs Tape-In 

The two most common hair extensions found on the market are clip-ins and tape-ins. Clip-in hair extensions are your best bet if you want a temporary fix. There is no long-term bonding between these products and your hair; thus, you can remove them anytime. Besides, they look smooth and natural and won’t damage your hair. You can even put it on by yourself. Additionally, this one suits you best if you’re looking for a budget-friendly hair extension.  

On the flip side, tape-ins are fastened to your hair with thin tape wefts. Currently, this is the most popular form of hair extension worldwide. This entirely natural procedure doesn’t involve tools or chemicals and may be taped to your hair in less than an hour. They can last for around two months if you take good care of them and use them three times. 

  • Lifestyle 

It’s essential to think about which hair extension fits your lifestyle before buying one. You must factor in the time you need to care for hair extensions. However, if waking up five minutes earlier can give you luscious locks, then every effort on your part will be worth it.  

Those with a busy lifestyle often go with clip-in extensions. You’ll only put them on occasionally or on days when you have more time on your hands.  

Likewise, you need to change your hair care regimen if you decide to have semi-permanent hair extensions such as tape-ins. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy skiing or working out in the gym. You won’t have to change anything about your current lifestyle. However, you may want to take precautions to safeguard your extensions, such as braiding your hair into a low bun before working out to avoid tangling. 


Extensions are the answer if you’re looking to add volume and length to your hair. They give your hair more depth and luster. Material, color, and texture are all important aspects to look for because hair extensions should look and feel like your own. Then, decide how long you want the extension on your hair and what kind is best for your current way of life. In the end, choose the best quality you can afford. It will pay off over time.