How to Use Clip-in Extensions to Add Mega Volumes to Your Hair?

There are many hair styling tools and techniques available in the market which can help make fine hair look thicker. 

But, clip in extensions are widely popular these days. If you wonder how your favourite celebrity keeps their hair volumized at all times, then this hair extension may be the secret to their trendy look.

This article will guide you in the best ways to use these easy hair extensions to add mega volumes to your hair.

Use Extensions for Thick Ponytail

No one likes a limp, thin ponytail. If you dream of a thick, bouncy ponytail, using clip-in extensions will do the trick. You can add a few wefts underneath the backside of your head and get that long, thick hair within minutes.

Trim your Hair Extensions

Trimming your clip-in extensions can help increase the volume of your entire hair. For a shorter hairstyle, trimming just a few wefts can make a huge difference.

If you have a layered natural haircut, you must slowly trim each weft and then attach them. It will make your hair look bouncy and give you a fuller head.

It would help if you used 100% Remy human hair extensions, which can be easily trimmed. They will look bouncy and not have a choppy, inaccurate look.

Prep Your Hair Well Before You Attach the Wefts

If you have freshly washed your hair, you must prep the roots by applying dry shampoo. You can then apply hair spray to the roots. 

This process helps hold the clip-in extensions in place longer without giving them a limp look.

Feather the Ends for a Natural Look

If you want the extension wefts to look natural, you must feather the edges of the wig. First, it would help to cut the wefts straight and then turn the scissors to snip the edges vertically.

Once you keep the extensions ready, you can just pop them on for a fun night out or an everyday look. You can flaunt your extra, voluminous hair around your friends and relatives.

Stack Two or Three Wefts Together

Clip-in extensions come in a set, with a minimum of ten wefts. These can be easily attached to your head.

One of the popular ways to get the fuller hair look with extensions is to stack two or more wefts on top of each other. You can also choose a volumizer to your current set to take the thickness to the next level.

Get A Thick Braid with Extensions

Do you dream of getting thick hair braids like a Disney princess? You can easily do it with clip-in extensions. You should add a few wefts strategically on the head and then braid it along with your natural hair.

You can make different braided hairstyles with these easy-to-attach extensions.

Curl Your Hair Extensions

One way to add volume to thin hair is to curl your hair extensions. You can use a curling wand to create waves and blend your extensions with your natural hair texture. 

Use Styling Products

Hair volumizing products like sprays, lotions, serums, and gels can be dabbed or rubbed into the clipped-in hair. They also offer smoothness and softness to the fake hair and make it fresh and bouncy.

According to Forbes, you must lift hair in sections and spray volumizers (8-10 inches away) at the root of the hair. You must then run through with a comb or tussle with your fingers.  

Volumizing hair products contain chemicals like keratin, biotin, panthenol, which are lightweight and do not build up particles on the hair. These products help to hold your style in place for a longer time.

When you use clip-in extensions to give volume and maintain the natural look, it is essential to find the right one that suits your personality and your original hair color.