Cute Couples Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is even more fun when you have a partner to celebrate it with. These easy and fun Halloween costumes are a way to make it a date that you’ll both remember.

Bob and Linda From Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is one of those shows that everyone knows and loves. You know all about the two main characters if you follow this show. Bob and Linda love working together. Create two shirts and bring some burgers and you’re ready for anything.


Clowns are fun and speak of the season. As those at Smiffys Halloween costumes point out, “Clown Costumes have been costumes favourite for people of all ages ever since the early days of travelling circuses and big top tents.” Turn to them for a cute clown costume that you can both wear. You can also go as a clown and an assistant from the audience for extra added creative fun.

Sonny and Cher

Sonny and Cher are two of the most well-known entertainers. You can show your love of their work with a costume, all about great memories. Cher was noted for her many fabulous fashions and her adoration of hairstyles. Look for the many unique clothing she wore to varied types of events of inspiration for your version. Sony also made a mark on the world of fashion. You’ll find many types of costumes that he wore during his career. Put a sign on your necks or somewhere else with their names to clarify that this is what you are aiming for this Halloween.

Harry and Ginny Potter

The Harry Potter franchise continues to delight with new movies. This is a timeless choice that many people know when they see it. You can go for a robe and then add lots of charming touches. A scarf in the Gryffindor colours of scarlet and gold adds the perfect touch. Ginny Weasley is Harry Potter’s wife. Your partner can find her version of the classic costume with a broomstick, indicating her love of Quidditch. Both partners can wear large, pointed black hats to complete the look this Halloween.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Peter Pan is an icon. So is Tinkerbell. Make them both part of your fun with costumes that pay homage to these stories this time of the year. Peter Pan shorts in dark green are easy to find. Add a tunic on top along with a fake sword. Fashion Tinkerbell wings from wire and vividly coloured fabric in shades of green. Add a short green dress, plain stockings and a bow to your hair. This is one costume that says you love stories and know exactly how to bring them to life during the Halloween season.

This is a time to get creative and think out of the box. Couples can create delightful, matching Halloween costumes for their seasonal fun right now.

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