Giving Every Outfit The Personal Touch

Amongst the highest aims of any expression of fashion is individualism. None of us wants to feel like a clone of someone else. As such, we look for ways to nail our own personal sense of style, to the point that to many, it matters more than simply looking good, alone. For that reason, we’re going to take a closer look at some of your options when it comes to expressing yourself, no matter what outfit you’re wearing, and how to elevate any look with a personal touch.

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Work with what you got

Everyone already has their own aesthetic strengths and weaknesses that they can capitalise on or hide, depending on what they need at the moment. For instance, it’s always a good idea to choose clothes based on the strengths of your body shape, as well as choosing makeup that fits both your outfit and your natural palette. But you should also make sure that your makeup choices help you match the clothes that you’re wearing as well. Matching the palette of your clothes means that your makeup isn’t going to clash with the rest of your look. It’s not just about colour, but context, as well. For instance, using thick eyeshadow and eyeliner might contrast a more casual outfit, bringing a little too much drama to the face. 

Pair it with the right accessories

Almost every choice you make in fashion is going to be shared by someone else. Personalising your look is, in part, all about combining a variety of choices together so that the combination becomes more unique. And even the most basic of outfits can be made more unique with the right accessory. Accessories can add depth, significance, and much more to an outfit. For instance, a Thomas Sabo bracelet can add a subtle luxurious touch to any outfit, giving you a sense of decorum and class. From jewellery to hats to bags and beyond, any accessory can become your signature piece that lets you have a visual throughline from one look to the next.

Change what you got

You can go deeper into customising your look than simply by combining different options alone. If you learn how to style your clothes, then you can turn a very finite selection into an almost endless range of options. For instance, you can look at the various ways to style a sundress, be it with a belt to accentuate your hips, with a blazer to give it a more comfortable evening look, or with sneakers for a much more casual look. Similarly, you can leave blouses tucked or untucked, you can roll up your sleeves on light jackets to open up room for accessories, and things like scarves can be styled a dozen different ways depending on how you tie them. Every time you buy a new item of clothing, think to yourself about the ways that it can be styled to achieve different looks.

With the tips above, not only can you look good, but you can make sure that every outfit looks personal to you.