The Top 8 Spring Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

Fashion and beauty experts around the world have been eagerly anticipating the Spring 2020 fashion shows, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Not only did we get tons of fashion inspiration from our favourite designers, but now we have lots of new makeup trends to experiment with as well.

There’s no reason to wait until Spring to start playing around with them either! Nobody sticks to seasonal trends any more thanks to Instagram and other social media.

So, if you want to rock the same killer fluorescent orange lipstick that the models from Versace were wearing in the Spring shows, you do you! It’s the perfect show-stopping look for that big New Year’s party!

The Top Spring Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

Although some of the trends we saw on the runway have been gaining momentum over the past year, many of them were brand new. There are several ways you can use these trends to inspire your makeup looks right now.

Many celebs have been stepping out with watercolor eyeshadow in recent months. And, neon shadow was just starting to catch on in the Fall fashion shows. If the Spring catwalk is any indication, those two trends will be everywhere this Spring.

Of course, many of the makeup we saw on the spring runways is a little too outrageous for a day at the office or a first date, but there are lots of ways to make the trends more wearable for day to day. Consider getting your inspiration from the models, and then toning down the look to suit the occasion.

As an example, gold will clearly be one of the hottest colors this spring. Is was everywhere on the spring runways, from fashion and hair accessories to makeup. Pat McGrath, the makeup artist for Valentino, went all out with the trend by glue bold, shimmering gold eyelashes on the models for the catwalk. 

Obviously, most of us aren’t going to be sporting that look out in public; however, a beautiful dusting of golden eyeshadow would be perfect for a night out, looking trendy without being over the top. Here are eight more ways to incorporate the Spring 2020 makeup trends into your everyday makeup looks.

Lots of Gloss

If the makeup at Chanel’s spring show had a vibe, it was gloss, gloss, and more gloss. The models were given glossy skin, glossy eyes, and glossy lips… all at once! If you want to give this trend a go, keep the gloss to just one area. Try dabbing a bit of clear gloss on your eyelids or cheekbones or add some gloss over your lipstick.

White Liner

White eyeliner has been very popular in Korean makeup in recent months, and now it’s catching on for spring. This is a great look to experiment with if aren’t ready to embrace neon and glitter all over your face. Line the inner rim of your eye with white liner for trendy, fresh and wide-awake look that even works for daytime. 

3D Makeup

3D makeup was all the rage at the spring shows! Some models had beautiful crystals glued to their faces in intricate patterns. Others were more subtle with one gem glued on the outer corner of the eye or on the lower lash line. Some designs even featured sequins or gemstones that were glued to the face in mask or teardrop patterns. This isn’t a look for the office, but anyone could pull off a pretty crystal or gemstone at the outer corner of the eye for a holiday party or a night out.

Gold, Gold, and More Gold

We’ve already mentioned that shiny, shimmering gold is the in color for spring. This look is pretty easy to pull off… all you need is gold everything! We’re talking gold jewelry, gold hair accessories, gold eye makeup, and gold lips- all at once. Not ready to go out looking like a disco ball? Tone the look down by keeping the gold to one place, such as on the eyes or wearing chunky pair of gold earrings.

Art School Makeup

There was a lot of artsy makeup on the spring runways, too. There were looks that were clearly inspired by a specific piece of art or one particular artist. Other looks were done in a way that gave them an artistic or painterly vibe. Most of us won’t be painting whimsical little clouds on our eyelids before we head out the door, but defined cat eyes and perfect red lips are a classic version of this trend just about anyone can pull off.

Splashes of Neon

Neon makeup was all the rage last season and it has clearly dug in its heels for 2020. Some of our favorite models on the catwalk were wearing shades of vivid fuchsia, ultraviolet purple, and electric green on the eyes. Others chose bright, show-stopping shades of fluorescent orange and pink for the lips. While neon makeup should probably be saved for parties or clubbing, it can be toned up or down depending on how daring you’re feeling. Go for a neon cat eye if you really want to make a statement!

Watercolor/Tie-Dye Eyeshadow

Tie-dye and watercolor eyeshadow have been gaining momentum as a trend both on the red carpet and the catwalk over the past season. Judging by how popular the look was in the spring shows, this dreamy eyeshadow look is really set to take off this spring. It’s easy to tone the look up or down, depending on your mood and what’s appropriate for the occasion.

Bring on the Glitter

Gorgeous glitter was everywhere on the spring runways. The models were wearing it in every color, from electric hues to jewel tones and even black and white. Many looks had glitter smudged all the way around the eye in a haphazard, messy way that gave the look a certain edge you wouldn’t really expect from glitter. To pull this look off for a night out, you could smudge a glittery eyeliner around the eyes, or go all out and use it to create a cat-eye for a party or clubbing.

As you can see, there is plenty to inspire you from the spring runways. Essentially, the looks are fun and bright! It’s clear that the minimal, no-makeup-makeup look will go away, at least for now. Whether you decide to go all out with neon pink lips or a bit more subtle with crisp white liner, the makeup trends for 2020 have something for everyone!

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