4 Ways to Become an Eco-Conscious Traveller

It’s one thing to travel without technology and unplug from the world, but what about thinking more about the environment when you travel? If you’re an experienced globetrotter, you already have a certain affinity for the world around you, but are you doing all you can to save the planet? You might be surprised at what more you can do. 


Bring Only What You Need 

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to bring one hundred pairs of socks or enough spare t-shirts to last you the month. While you are likely to panic that you won’t get the chance to wash your clothes, packing light is a straightforward and effective way to reduce your impact on the environment. The more clothes you pack into a suitcase or traveller’s backpack, the more weight you add to the car, bus, or plane, which means more energy is required to operate. It might not sound like much for one person, but if everyone does it, the impact increases. 

Stay Local 

Although the world has plenty of exotic locations for you to explore, emissions from aeroplanes are some of the most damaging on the planet, especially with how many flights take place each day. To counteract this, it’s worth staying local for your next adventure. If you need a reliable way to get around, We Finance Any Car could be the answer, although train travel is the most eco-friendly means of transport. However, you can’t reach every destination by train, so find a way to balance your travel options to reduce your contribution as much as possible. 

Look for Sustainable Accommodation

Similarly, you can look for hostels, hotels, and homesteads that boast sustainable practices. These are places that rely on green energy to remain self-sufficient and you can find them in most destinations across the world. If you are staying local to the UK, farms with campgrounds are always a good place to look, especially if you want to get lost (not literally) in the wide expanse of the British countryside. Even if you can’t find eco-friendly accommodation, you can still treat the place as you would your own home to minimise energy consumption. 

Do Your Research 

No matter where you go, you’re sure to find something fun to do, but before you book anything for definite, you should do your research. There are so many examples of unethical animal tourism all over the world that you don’t want to accidentally contribute to this. So, rather than look for the best deal (that’s often too good to be true), take a little time to research the company. Use the power of the internet to read reviews and testimonies from people who have been there and done that so you know exactly what you are funding. 

Earth Friendly

The planet-loving-hippie-dippie stereotype exists for a reason, but this doesn’t make it a bad thing. With a more significant focus on saving the planet and protecting the environment than ever before, you must find more ways to care for the earth while still finding the adventures you have always dreamed of, whether these are across oceans or close to home.