Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts

If your other half is obsessed with cars, they’ve probably taken over your life. From watching car shows to knowing the specs on every car they see. When it comes to buying them a gift for a birthday or anniversary, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to choose something they like, especially if you’re not that into cars too. 

Don’t worry though, we’ve rounded up some great present ideas for the car lover in your life to make the occasion that bit more special. 

Why not try one of these gift ideas. 

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Personalised Number Plate

This one will divide car enthusiasts right down the middle. Some love the idea of personalised number plates while others find them tacky. Find out which your partner is before doing this as a personalised plate can be quite pricey You can see some of the plates famous people have chosen too. 

A personalised number plate is a great way to really make a car your own. The combination of letters and numbers can be something to do with a name, hobby or another phrase that’s meaningful. 

There are auction sites you can look at to see which number plates are up for sale. There are also sites that offer a finders service for you. You simply give them the information about the potential names or words you want and they’ll go off and search for you, bringing back the best options. It costs a little more but it can take a lot of leg work to track down the perfect plate. 

Track Day

When driving on public roads, there isn’t much opportunity to see what your car can do, or practise driving skills. It’s important that you stick to the rules of the road for your safety as well as everyone else’s. 

A premium trackday at Donnington Park can let you take your own car to the track and really learn to drive it competitively around a world-famous track. 

Supercar Experience

Unless you have a supercar budget, then driving Ferrari, Aston Martin or Veyron is out of reach for most people. Even if you can’t afford to buy one, you can still buy your partner a chance to drive one of these supercars for a few laps. 

Supercar experiences take place at a private track where there are a number of supercars available to try. Each driver will attend a driver’s safety briefing and will then head out with an instructor for a few laps of the track. Because you’re not on a public road, you can really put your foot down and channel your inner F1 driver. 

Advanced Driving Lessons

You can never be too good or too experienced at driving. It may have been decades since your partner took their test, but advanced driving lessons have a lot of benefits. An advanced instructor can give you expert tuition on-road position, manoeuvres, timing and positioning. Once they’ve completed the lessons, they’ll also have the prestige of being a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Many car insurance policies also offer a discount for those with advanced motoring skills, as they are less likely to be involved in an accident

A Road Trip

Who wants a normal holiday when you can see some of the most beautiful places in the world on some of its iconic roads. Pretty much every country has its own classic road trips. In the US, the most famous is Route 66. In the UK there’s the North Coast 500, The Atlantic Highway and the Black Mountain Pass. 

You can take your own car or rent one (maybe even a luxury camper) to make your road trip that bit more special. 

A Visit To The London Motor Show

Every year, the London Motor Show is home to some of the most technologically advanced cars of today and the future. You can see supercars as well as a number of concept cars from the big names and private collectors. You’ll also be able to see a great selection of classic cars there too. 

Why not make a city break of it and spend a few days in London, exploring the culture and eating in some of the most amazing restaurants. 


When it comes to choosing a gift for the car enthusiast in your life, you can’t go wrong with one of our suggestions above. They are the perfect opportunity to show your partner you care about their interests and in the case of the road trip and motor show, something that you can do together.