Extending Your Style- Beyond Clothing!

With over seven and a half billion people on the planet, it makes sense that each of us wants to maintain some kind of identity. It helps us to own our lives, take control and celebrate what we love- and love about ourselves. Clothing, hair and makeup are commonly used to show our identity, but there’s more we can do than just that. Here are some ideas. 

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Accessories are a great way to dress an outfit up or down, and adding something like a hat, sunglasses, a cool pair of shoes or jewellery can completely transform how you look. Accessories are the perfect way to get more out of your wardrobe since your clothes can be styled in lots of different ways, and you can show your personality even with plainer looks. A black dress with a chunky bright necklace and bright stilettos for example will look much different to paired with a casual cardigan and some plain flats. Accessories can be things like gadget cases- phone cases and even cool headphones can act as a style statement. 

Your home

Home is your little space in the world, a place you should feel comfortable, safe and that really feels like ‘yours.’ So many of us get caught up in the idea that our homes should be Pinterest worthy or Insta perfect that we can end up with something that while nice, is just like everyone else’s. Make your home personal to you- choose an accent colour that you love and add cushions, throws, rugs and curtains in this shade. Pick a wallpaper for your feature wall that genuinely makes you feel happy when you look at it. Go with quirky ornaments if that’s your style, display your photos and travel souvenirs. Get a bookcase and display your favourite books and novels and choose art that makes you happy! Your home is the best place to showcase your own style, so don’t feel like you need to conform to what everyone else is doing on social media!

Your Car

Most of us can’t afford our absolute dream cars, let’s be real- these things can cost hundreds of thousands! However, it’s nice to have a car that you do like and enjoy driving, something that feels like ‘you’ and you’re not embarrassed to be seen in out on the roads. If you’ve been driving the same old banger for years, check out a used car company like Hilton Car Supermarket and consider going for something a little nicer. You always have the choice of using finance if you need to spread the cost, plus something newer is likely to have less repair costs over time and might be cheaper on tax and insurance to so can actually save you money. 

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