Electric Bikes – Just a Gimmick or Are They Changing How People Commute?

Electric bikes have become really popular in recent years, but there’s still a surprising amount of misconception surrounding them.

E bikes

Many believe they’re simply a gimmick and do nothing more than your traditional bicycle. So, are they right or are electric bikes really changing the way people commute?

Here, we’ll look at some of the myths surrounding electric bikes and the truth behind them. 

You need to have insurance to ride one

Electric bikes are always being updated, with new more powerful models introduced each year. However, the majority of electric bikes don’t actually need to be insured. You simply buy them and use them as you would a regular bicycle. This means, you also need to follow the same riding rules as you would with a traditional bike, such as not cycling on the road. 

They’re not real bikes

Many people mistakenly believe that electric bikes aren’t real bikes. That is, they don’t work in the same manner due to running off electricity. However, the truth is, electric bikes ARE real bikes, they just come with a few extra cool features. You still need to pedal, there’s just the option to switch to the motor during more difficult parts of the commute. They also look just like a traditional bike too. 

They’re difficult to use

When electric bikes were first introduced, they weren’t overly comfortable. They also didn’t work quite as well as they do now. So, those who tried them in the early days of their launch, may have been put off using the later models.

However, these days electric bikes are made to an extremely high standard. You’ll even find folding bikes from companies such as Brompton, which are really easy to carry around too. 

They promote laziness

Another popular myth is that electric bikes promote laziness. This misconception stems from the idea of how an electric bicycle works. Many people assume you get on the bicycle and ride it much like you would a motorbike. However, that’s not exactly how it works. Instead, you do still need to pedal like you would with a regular bike. The difference is, you can switch to using the electric motor for tougher parts of the journey, such as going uphill. It provides a boost to make pedalling easier. 

As you can see, there are a lot of myths surrounding electric bicycles which may put some commuters off purchasing them. However, the truth is, e-bikes can be a valuable tool for commuters, helping to make the journey easier, while also keeping them healthier. They can save you a lot of money too. So, why not invest in a good quality electric bicycle today and see just how much of a difference it makes to your daily commute.