Best social media marketing strategies to promote your cleaning service business

Everyone knows the power of social media marketing, but only a few know how to channel it properly to grow their business. If you have a cleaning service business, social media marketing should be one of the core elements in your marketing mix. But how should you devise your social media marketing strategy — that’s the big question.

Running a cleaning service business is no walk in the park. You need to be mindful of various factors, such as having a healthy cash flow at all times, reducing your liabilities as much as possible, and constantly hunting for new clients. That last one can be tricky. Being on a constant lookout for clients is never easy. But what if we told you there’s a trick that makes clients come to you instead of you going to them? That’s the power of social media marketing, but only when done right. So, what can you do to expand your clientele via social media marketing? Let’s dive right into it!

Know your target audience

The first order of business for any enterprise is to identify its target audience. Marketing without recognizing your target audience is like aiming for the bull’s eye with a blindfold on. As a cleaning business, you must ask yourself what type of clients you are looking for. Are you more focused on residential clients or industrial ones? If it’s the former, what category of people are you targeting — students, families, or tourists? 

Once you’re familiar with your target audience, you must devise a marketing strategy strictly focused on the type of clients you’re dealing with. For instance, if you’re focused on providing cleaning services to industrial clients, make sure you showcase that on your website. How? By listing your previous projects and the clients, you’ve worked with before. This way, anyone who visits your website will know who you’re targeting.

Offer limited-time discounts

This is a no-brainer — everyone loves discounts. However, your discounts should be time-bound so that there’s a sense of urgency among your potential clients to avail your services as soon as possible. That’s not all, though; you need to make your discounts stand out and enticing potential customers. 

Simply writing in bold text in a large font on your website or social media posts won’t do you any good. Try to make it visually dynamic with cleaning service graphics, such as banners or posters. We recommend using an online graphic design tool like PosterMyWall, which lets you craft creative posters in a few clicks!

Content is everything

Social media marketing isn’t just about doing marketing gimmicks on social media. Instead, it very much revolves around providing valuable content. Now, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram aren’t ideal for posting long-tail articles. They’re good for short and snackable content, like short videos, customer testimonials, drone shots, and more.

To add to your arsenal of valuable content, you’ll need a website blog where you regularly post articles relevant to your niche. For example, you could write a DIY guide on how to remove permanent stains from your walls and windows or how to shortlist the right cleaning business for your home. Remember, your content shouldn’t have fluff and must add value to your potential customers.

By doing this, you’ll build up traction on your website. And not only that, you can post the URL of every article to a social media post, underpinned by a catchy caption that encourages viewers to read your article and take them to your website. Similarly, if you have a YouTube channel, you could post the video URL to your social media post.

Remember to keep posting regularly — that’s the only way to build up traffic to your social media channels and website! We recommend posting at least twice every week consistently.

Run social media ads

Once you start getting enough organic traction, you can accelerate your growth by running paid social media ads. These are highly effective in increasing your conversion rate. Every social media platform keeps a record of its users’ search interests. Therefore, it knows which users will be interested in using your services and shows your ad to them.

We suggest running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, two of the most used platforms worldwide. In both cases, you’ll have to allot a budget and select a target audience. Choose a local target audience because someone closer to you is more likely to hire you than someone from a different state.

Lastly, make sure your ad is short, dynamic, and doesn’t flood the viewer with unnecessary information. We recommend a minimalist design, carrying all the contact information about your business.

SEO makes the world go round!

Last but not least, search engine optimization (SEO) can do wonders for you. SEO is a set of best practices that make your website and social media channels rank higher on Google’s SERPs. Why is this important? Almost everyone uses Google to search for services or anything for that matter. So, the higher your website ranks on Google’s search results, the higher traffic your website will get and the greater your leads. But what do you need to do to have a solid SEO strategy in place?

For starters, use Google Keywords Planner to search for the most-searched keywords for your industry. These could include “cleaning services” or “cheap cleaning services.” Once you’ve found the right keywords, incorporate them into your blog articles, YouTube video titles, and social media posts.

Some food for thought

Promoting a cleaning business can be challenging, but with the right mix of strategies discussed above, you can help soar your business to newer heights. However, there’s no universal formula that works for every cleaning business. You’ll need to experiment with a multitude of strategies to know which of them works for you. Remember to track your results using social media metrics every step of the way to know which strategies have borne fruit for you.