The Perfect Accessories to Complete Your Industrial Look

It can be tricky to make barebones decor styles come alive. Many require a delicate balance with complementary accessories. Here are some of the best to complete your industrial look.

Plants on industrial style shelving – Image Courtesy of Pexels

Hangings and Hooks

Many of the decorative items associated with the industrial style are bulky, heavy, or both. So you need the right materials to hold up against tougher demands. This means sourcing high-quality steel hanging and hooks that can take the weight of non-standard items. Placing a metal pipe on the wall for effect, for example, requires more than a couple of screws and wall plugs. And you can consider the same for hangings like drapery. Heavier cloth or not, industrial curtain poles will complement the overall aesthetic without compromising on strength.

Low-Hanging Pendant Lighting

Low-hanging pendant lights are the quintessential industrial accessory. The purposeful shape makes better use of dimmed lighting by diffusing it equally over a set area, rather than in a minimal area like spots. Because of this, you can get a softer effect. Coupled with warm orange lighting, this makes the perfect primary lighting layer for an industrial style and colour range. The warm Earth tones and hues typically found in industrial designs benefit more from multiple low-intensity lighting at well-placed locations. Rather than a single source with supporting lights.

Complete Your Industrial Look with Authentic Items

There’s no better way to complete your industrial look than with genuine and authentic industrial items. You can find antiques and unique items at flea markets, online, and pick sites. Many may not function, but they make for an excellent aesthetic. Some of the easiest to find include:

  • Carts and trolleys: you can use these as drinks cabinets, coffee tables, and shoe racks.
  • Telephones: you might be able to get these fixed to use. Otherwise, they just look cool.
  • Timecard stampers: a unique look into the past and will have some history attached.

You can find tons of things from old industrial buildings to complete the design. Of course, many won’t be functional. But there are talented people out there who can fix pretty much anything. Failing that, you can upcycle items to be used for something else, such as tea box cabinets.

Faux Exposed Brickwork

The most universal aspect of the industrial style is exposed brickwork. If you can safe;y expose your home’s brickwork, you can really bring your industrial decor into its own. However, modern homes aren’t really constructed with this in mind. There are safety issues, and you could mess up your insulation. But all isn’t lost. Faux brickwork is available from DIY and decorating stores and looks fantastic when finished properly. It ranges from simple textured wallpaper to slices of genuine brick for a more realistic finish. Plus, you will have control over the final look.

Deconstructed Art Pieces

The right piece of art can really finish a room. And exposed brickwork needs something just as bold to handle it. Of course, you can hang a painting that speaks to you. But keeping with the industrial and barebones style requires something more daring. Exploded or deconstructed artwork is perfect for an industrial loft or living space. Some examples include pipework wall sculpture, pieces of an old machine, or a scene made of industrial parts and materials. You can make something yourself or you can check out sites like Etsy for inspiration and commissions.


You can complete your industrial look when decorating with various pieces. Install heavy-duty hangings and hooks, source authentic antiques, and create original artwork from pieces.

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