Denim Overalls Are Back in Style!

Denim has been a staple for wardrobes for almost 150 years. Everyone has a pair of jeans, and denim jackets always come in and out of style. However, for a brief time in the 80s, denim overalls were considered cool and fashionable instead of just functional clothing for painters and farmers. 

Despite the fear that wearing overalls could make you look like you were just working in the fields, many celebrities are being seen out and about this year wearing them. You might be surprised at how many ways you can wear overalls and how many styles you can display. They can be baggy or snug, have lots of pockets, be long or short, and be paired with just about anything. However, if you don’t wear them right, then the people you see on the street might think you are about to head up to start washing windows. If you want to take advantage of this trend, you must wear them properly. Denim overalls are back in style, and here are some options for making them work for you. 

Paired With a Crop Top

You probably want to look feminine, no matter what you are wearing. Overalls may not seem like they fit in the feminine category, but they certainly can. You can pair denim overalls with a monochrome crop top to get a fun, flirty, and sexy look. As opposed to being revealing, this look will hint at your midsection and abdomen without showing too much. It’s also very comfortable so you can wear it all day without issue. This look is fun, so wear a pair of sneakers, canvas shoes, and even a quirky hat if you are up for it. 

Layered With a Turtleneck

With overalls, the name of the game is comfort. You can look fun and fashionable but also feel like you could spend all day lounging around in them. If it’s the fall or cool weather outside, pair your overalls with a bulky turtleneck. Instead of providing that little exposure, you will be fully covered but look great. It’s a look that is very reminiscent of college students from the nineties as they hung out with study groups or at the coffee shop. 

With a Hanging Strap

Traditionally, overalls were meant for working. Someone who wears them for a job would never dream of leaving one of the straps undone. Luckily, you aren’t wearing yours for work, so you can do what you want. Leaving one strap undone and hanging will give off a devil-may-care vibe to your look. You can wear a graphic shirt or something patterned underneath so that people will actually see the design. If you don’t want to look like a slob, then you can always do your hair nicely and wear a sharp pair of comfortable shoes so that everyone knows you are going for that look on purpose. 

As A Skirt

Summer’s can be hot, and skirts are a great way to keep cool and look great. So why not combine the attractiveness of a skirt with the comfort and vibe of overalls? A denim overall skirt can come in various looks, from different colors to different cuts. They are modest skirt that tends to go to about knee length, but if you want to up the sexiness factor, you can choose a tailored look that will hug your curves. Sweet and sexy all in one. 

Socks and Sandals

At one time, wearing socks with your sandals was considered very unstylish. Wearing them could elicit groans and cheers if you were out in public. However, that’s not the case anymore, and covering up your feet while wearing open-toed shoes is now more than acceptable. In addition, overalls provide a quirky look when combined with this type of footwear. If you have a neutral sandal, then match your socks with the shirt you wear under your overalls to get a match and compatible look. 

With a Tee Shirt

No look is more classic than jeans and a tee shirt. With overalls, you have the chance to evoke that look while also playing around a bit. You can make it more fun by wearing a patterned overall over a monochrome white or black tee. This will make the pattern pop and make you stand out in a crowd. Conversely, you can choose a wild top under standard blue denim overall, and it will provide the same feeling if a little understated in comparison. 

With More Denim

If you’ve met someone from Canada, you might be aware of the Canadian Tuxedo. That’s when you wear blue jeans with a jean jacket. Some people believe you can never have enough denim, and they might be right. You can layer your denim overalls with a jean jacket on top. The best way to pull off this look is to have matching colors or a close for your jacket and overalls, and then have a color that will pop on your shoes, hat, or other accessory. You can go with any type of shirt already listed here, including a crop top or turtle neck to complete your look. 

The best trends are ones that are easy to wear, look great, and are comfortable, too. That’s what you get with overalls. While they may be traditionally used for work, you can build great outfits that are unique and look amazing. Even one pair can be used in endless combinations with tops, shoes, hats, and accessories. Use these tips to have great looks that show how stylish you are. 

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