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Aside from playing guitar in multimillion selling rock band Buckcherry, Stevie D (Dacanay)(bottom pic, not bottom pic) is also a talented photographer. His photo journals while touring the world show a keen eye for capturing the candid, strange and beautiful. If he hangs up the guitar strings a career in photography awaits.

We caught up with him on a rare day off.

Stevie D Buckcherry interview

Have you always been into photography?
I’ve always been a fan, and a fan of most art forms.. but I didn’t start shooting and dedicating gross amounts of time until a tour with Motley Crue a few years ago. I have Nikki Sixx and my singer Josh (Todd) to thank for that. They were both highly encouraging and helpful when I started getting serious. Actually Sixx still is. Then like any good drug addict I went off the deep end, started isolating, obsessing.. it was all-consuming.

What kind of camera do you use?
Any. All. I really don’t use just one.. A friend put it to me this way, “There’s no ONE guitar that’s going to give you everything you want. You’ll use a Les Paul for somethings, a Tele (caster) for others.. It’s the same with cameras..”. I mainly shoot with film cameras, because I like prefer the look of film. But beyond that, it’s become not so much about the gear for me, but about the end result. Whatever outcome I want, will usually dictate which one I use. I also grab different cameras because I’ll see things differently, or compose in a different manner..

Do you always have a camera with you?
Ugh.. yes. I’m geeky like that. Even if I leave my hotel room for cigarettes, I’ll usually put a point-and-shoot in my pocket..

Stevie D - Buckcherry photos

Do you enjoy the freedom of photography?
If you mean feeling insufferably compelled to go shoot even when it’s 20 below or 100 degrees out, or maybe getting yelled at by strangers in public, or just simply hemorrhaging hard earned money.. then yes, I enjoy the freedom of photography. Kidding aside, I love everything about it..

Some of your photos have 2 images overlayed, how did this style come about?
Depending on which you’ve seen, some are reflections, some are accidents like exposed film, and from time to time a faulty winder slips on one of my old cameras and I get accidental double exposures. Now there’s also intentional double exposures, and I straight up stole the idea from my friend James Turnley, a remarkable photographer, and a gracious, good-hearted guy. I hope he reads this, ’cause I know he’s seen the photos and thought.. wtf? James has really refined it and does it much better than I..

Do you have a fav pic?
Not yet.. We’ll sometimes.. But it changes.. So, not yet..

[nggallery id=62]

Any tips for kids interested into photography?

Have fun. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. There’s digital, Lomography, even your cellphone:) If you find that you LOVE it and maybe find a style you’re particularly drawn to, then there’s a few ways to go. I only know my experience.. and what works for me is the same process that works for me in music. A little schooling to start, but nothing has taught me more than actually going out there and shooting.

I started digitally and worked my way (backwards) into film.. that afforded me the opportunity to shoot thousands and see the results immediately without it getting too expensive. Then there was the interminable amount of time learning the technical side, looking at photobooks and zines, and perusing hundreds of blogs, and websites rapidfiring info and images-to-order on the internet.. it all works symbiotically.. but the shooting is key.

Stevie D Buckcherry

Do you have plans to publish a book or exhibition of your photos in the future?
Either would be an unmanageable proposition for my schedule right now.. but that’s not to say I don’t plan on doing both. I’m in the middle of putting together a zine.. hopefully by the end of the year. As far as the rest.. if the time and the situation are right, you’ll see both maybe next year.

How is the current Buckcherry tour going?
Right now it’s August, and we’ve been on the road since July of last year.. I would say despite the amount of time we’ve been away from home, it’s been a fantastic tour. We’ve seen 20 + countries on this run, and visited Central and South America for the first time. For me there’s nothing like seeing new cultures, meeting new people, and sharing music. I’m really lucky.. I’ve said this before, but have a dream job. So grateful.

Stevie D Buckcherry

On your Twitter profile it reads…BUCKCHERRY, photography, and the beautiful Charlie, Who or what is the beautiful Charlie?
That’s my girl. She’s my muse. That’s the nickname of the love of my life.. We just got engaged, and soon we’re off to Paris to make it official;)

I wonder who is going to take the wedding photos?
Catch up with Stevie’s awesome pictures on his Tumblr HERE or to see them on tour

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