Are The Ears The New Window To The Soul?

If you were an enthusiastic fan of the US series Lie to Me that introduced Tim Roth as a Dr Cal Lightman, a walking lie detector, you’ve probably learnt a thing or two about facial expression.

Roth’s character was able to read people’s micro-expressions and define whether they were hiding something from him. In the TV show, his skills were often used to corroborate criminal investigations. But in real life, being able to know what someone thinks by looking at them could make our everyday interactions so much easier! In his practice, Lightman also proves that the eyes are truly the window to the soul, by measuring pupil dilatation, crow’s feet pattern, and the rate at which one opens their eyes. Hence, he can tell when someone is happy because they display a Duchenne smile – it’s the description of a genuine smile which involves both the muscles around the mouth and those at the corners of the eyes – or when they are surprised – because the eyes widen in an involuntary movement.

Lie to Me, however, makes a point of introducing several patterns to read the emotions of an individual. Indeed, as many factors could interfere and corrupt the reading – there is an interesting episode where Dr Lightman tries to read someone who’s been using Botox and has, as a result, no facial expression, for instance. In other words, the eyes might be the window to the soul, but only in specific circumstances. Many elements could tamper with your soul, as it happens, from the sun shining in your eyes to eye drops that dilate your pupils. Perhaps it’s time to leave the principles of Lie to Me in peace and look for new clues to figure out what the people around you are feeling or thinking. The next best clue after the eyes are the ears. Are you ready to find out what your ears say about you?

Shakespeare wore earrings

It’s not a body feature; it’s an accessory

Your ears are an essential factor when it comes to fashion. They can help you to encourage a variety of accessories, including earrings but not limited to them. Did you know, for instance, that your choice of tech can also become a fashion statement? Apple’s iconic white earbuds and cable have marked a generation of trendsetters, until the arrival on the market of wireless EarPods. The simple presence of the white wire served to create a sophisticated and modern look. On the other side of the tech spectrum, the XXL headphones that come in a selection of colours and patterns are more than an expression of your love for music. They stage the scene. You’re not just a young and dynamic individual who wants to listen to their favourite songs. You’re a creative soul who isn’t afraid of experimenting and standing out from the crowd. In other words, what you put in or on your ears becomes part of your accessory game. The key, when it comes to something like headphones or ear jewellery is to keep it simple. While you can go over the top with your ear accessories, you need to make sure that your entire outfit isn’t OTT. Focusing on quality over tackiness will make a great deal of difference, especially for items that are prominently staged.

There’s a hidden meaning with ear jewellery

While music accessories say a lot about your social vision and situation, jewellery conveys a completely different message. Earrings have been part of human history for millennia – in fact, and it’s even mentioned in the Bible as a mean to carry gold for both men and women. Admittedly, the Bible doesn’t make any further fashion statement on the matter, but it’s interesting to note that wearing earrings is an ancient tradition. Through history, the wear of earrings has been perceived to fulfil a vast range of objectives. Mummies from over 5300 years ago had ear piercings, and even Tutankhamun’s tomb reveals that the Pharaoh had pierced earlobes and an elegant set of earrings at hand. In short, the trend for men to wear earrings is far from being new. You can even find portraits from William Shakespeare in which he is seen to wear the contemporary fashion in the world of arts, namely earrings. Pirates too used to wear earrings, as they believed that pierced earlobes improved their vision on the sea. However, in more recent years, men wearing ear jewellery were thought to reveal their sexuality – a custom from the 1970s. Consequently, it can be an issue for men to decide whether they should wear earrings or not. Many fear that pierced earlobes might be misinterpreted. In reality, earrings are a statement. While fashion is often the main objective, spirituality, therapeutic benefits and rebellion are some of the most common reasons for someone to want ear piercings.

You can be playful without doing too much

As mismatched items are leading the way on the catwalk, from patterns to socks, it’s only fair to pay attention to your ear fashion too. Indeed, mismatched earrings are giving new insight into a person’s interests, tastes, and overall personality. While some might prefer bold and disparate items in big 1980s shapes and colours, more and more fashionistas are trying out a more subtle approach. Ultimately, mismatching is a versatile trend, so you can find many ways of telling your story without looking as if you got dressed in the dark. More often than not, you can buy mismatched jewellery as a pair – which is genius because you are guaranteed to find something different and yet that is designed to go together. Common designs show a combination of flowers and petals, sun and moon, words, and shapes. Etsy is the place to go to for creative products – both for men and women – suitable for all budgets. You can even find earrings with your favourite characters from Harry Potter to Mickey Mouse. But more importantly, keeping it low key is all it takes to make the trend work for you.

Sometimes the ear is the remedy

Acupuncture professionals have agreed that pirates had an understanding of some of the body points, as they insisted that a pierced lobule would improve their vision – it is a known point for the vision. The ears are heaven for acupuncturists, as they offer a cluster of helpful and practical pressure points which can help you in your everyday life. Those who know about the zones that are related to migraine relief often choose to get a piercing to stimulate the relevant pressure points. The point just behind the earlobe, for instance, can help to address migraine. While the daith, the point on the top part of the innermost cartilage of the outer ear is a less common piercing choice but can help to address tension and headaches. And if nothing else helps, you’ll be pleased to know that you can massage your ears to reduce stress. Massaging your ear lobe help to relieve tension, for instance. You could also find relief by wearing small earrings that can cover and activate the area appropriately.

Make your ears the point of attention at all times

Dr Cal Lightman relies on his eyes to spot the truth and help those around you. The eyes let him connect with others at a deeper level than anyone else. He can see what nobody else sees. You may not have Lightman’s technique; you can provide the same relief using only your ears. The art of listening is not only crucial in any conversation, but it also helps to bring people together. In a society where the average attention span online is less than the one of a goldfish, it’s important to take the time to listen actively and connect, soul-to-soul, with your interlocutor. And as you listen, you can let them know that their words found their way. A simple sentence is all it takes to make everyone feel appreciated; “I hear you”. Only once you’ve shown understanding, you can move on and work hand-in-hand together. Through the ear is the shortest way to the soul.

There’s hearing and hearing

The ears bring you back to reality

Last, but not least, your ears anchor you to the ground. They remind you who you are and where you come from. In Ancient Rome, when generals paraded in town to celebrate a victory, the custom was to ride through the streets of Rome in a decorated chariot while the population acclaimed them. But on the chariot stood a slave, right behind the general and his role was to whisper into his ear “Remember, you are mortal”. The approach to fame was brutal but necessary. The Roman Empire believed that in all great things, men remained men and should never think of themselves as better than they are. Your ears are there to hear and remember the truth, helping you to cultivate humility in victory and strength in failure. It might sound harsh, but in reality, it’s thanks to this custom that the Roman Empire managed to stay strong and united for half a millennium.

In conclusion, the ears or the eyes, there is more than one way to touch the soul. But your ears can be a source of information about your stress levels, your spirituality, your tastes, and also your communication skills. Maybe, they are the closest you can get to the human soul.