8 Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair 

Thin hair is nice, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many women still prefer to have thick hair, as thin and flat hair can look dull, boring, and challenging to style. Looking at picture-perfect photos of women with healthy hair, you may be asking yourself how you can have the same. 

If your hair has fallen flat and you’re desperately trying to give it more volume, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to have thin hair for the rest of your life. There are beauty products and style tips for it. You have to uncover what those are. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll have today. Here, you’ll have some of the best ways to add volume to your hair. 

  1. Practice The Right Washing Routine 

All your effort to have volumized hair starts with a good washing routine. It means choosing the right shampoo and skipping the conditioner if you don’t need it. 

Because your purpose is to add more volume to your hair, you’ll also have to choose a volumizing shampoo. Avoid using a conditioner. Then, dry your hair immediately from the roots with a volumizing product to keep it all locked in. The best way to manipulate the hair’s roots is when it’s still wet, so make the most out of that time. 

  1. Use Conditioner Only On The Roots 

Ideally, it’s best not to use a conditioner if you have thin hair. However, there could be those bad hair days when you can’t do without a conditioner to relax all the frizz. When needed, use a conditioner, but only sparingly. The best way to use it is to apply it only to the tips. 

Avoid applying conditioner on the roots, as doing so can leave a residue that weighs down on them. Instead of getting volume, you’re flattening your hair even more. 

  1. Use A Microfiber Towel 

Are you the type of person who doesn’t put a lot of thought into the towel you use? It’s time to change this. The next time you shop for a towel, be more selective. Your hair can benefit from a soft, microfiber towel instead of the usual thick one with bristles. 

If you can, blot dry your hair instead of twisting it up. It can help dry your hair without squeezing the water and volume out of it. 

  1. Learn How To Blow Dry Your Hair The Right Way 

Yes, there’s such a thing as drying your hair the right way to achieve a curly blowout, among other hairstyles. There are different ways to blow dry hair, each according to your purpose. Here, the focus is on achieving thick hair. 

To do this, flip your hair upside down. Flipping your hair upside down helps lift the roots, thereby creating more volume in your hair. 

  1. Use A Dry Shampoo 

Hair stylists don’t recommend washing your hair every day. If you follow this principle religiously, it’s inevitable to have days when your hair feels greasy. If that happens, dry shampoo could be your best solution. 

Dry shampoo is designed to combat greasiness and keep your hair fresh. Apply dry shampoo to your hair, and let it rest for around a minute. Flip your hair upside down, then use your fingers to lift your hair. This works for the roots. As for the body, tousle it up, then you’re good to go. 

  1. Book For A Micro-Trim 

Booking your hair for a micro-trim means cutting off most ends of the hair at least once every six weeks. This helps add hair texture to make it feel thicker and appear fuller. 

If you’re brave enough to cut even more, having short hair is another technique to create the illusion of it being thicker. This provides an excellent base for adding volume and styling your hair. When you miss having long hair, you can always use clip-on extensions for a brand-new hair look.

  1. Switch Up Your Part 

Don’t let your hair get used to just one specific part. Otherwise, it’ll get used to the same position the whole time that it’ll effortlessly go flat.  

You can lift your hair’s roots by switching up your hair part every morning. Look for new ways to style your hair, so your roots are always on their toes. 

  1. Air Dry Your Hair 

While using your blow dryer helps add volume to your hair, this isn’t something you should do every day. The best way to dry your hair is to leave it to air dry. Doing this once in a while can reduce heat damage brought about by blow dryers. 

If you can’t wake up early to make time for air drying, at least do it whenever you have ample time after taking a bath.

The Bottomline 

While flat hair looks great, nothing beats gorgeous and healthy hair. Adding volume can be easily done with the right hairstyle, but even that isn’t easy to achieve if your hair is too flat and thin. With the tips above, you should feel more confident about giving your hair that much-needed makeover. Choose the right products, visit your trusted stylist, and say hello to that thick and volumized hair of your dreams.  

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