The Ultimate Style Guide to Morning Suits

If you’re heading to the type of formal event that requires a morning suit, it’s important to know not just what to wear, but how to wear it. This guide will take you through everything you need to be aware of when it comes to morning suits, from what items of clothing are involved to where to find them, and how to put the look together. 

What is a morning suit and what does it include? 

Morning suits are generally reserved for only the most formal of occasions — weddings, for example, are one of the few events where you can expect to see a morning suit. If you’ve been invited to anything along these lines, it’s time to start putting a suit together. 

The main components of a morning suit are a waistcoat, trousers and a fitted coat. You will, of course, also need a shirt and shoes to complete the suit, and it’s typically expected that you’ll also wear a tie.


Traditionally, the shirt should be white with a collar. Other colours are somewhat unconventional, so, given the formality of the event, it’s best to stick with what’s expected. Ideally, the whole suit, including the shirt, should be tailored specifically to you, but there are a range of shirts for men available as a starting point. 


The coat is one of the most visible parts of the morning suit and ties the whole thing together, so getting it right is crucial. The coat should be fitted to you, but take care to ensure that it does not appear tight, as this can unbalance the overall image of the suit. In terms of colour, black or dark grey are the typical options — as with the shirt, it’s best to fall back on tradition. 


When it comes to the trousers, length is important. The hems should sit just above your ankles, as anything longer or shorter is likely to give the impression that your suit does not fit you correctly. In terms of colour, they should match your coat, or at least be of a similar shade, as this helps to bring the outfit together and mark it out as a suit rather than several individual pieces of clothing. 


Black leather shoes are the best option for a morning suit. They match the colour scheme and complete the suit — plus, once you have a pair of back leather shoes in your wardrobe, you’ll probably find there are multiple occasions and outfits with which you can wear them, making them one of the most versatile parts of the suit. 


As with the coat, the waistcoat should be fitted but not tight. It’s also important to avoid a waistcoat that might be too loose, as not only will it make your suit appear ill-fitting, but too much fabric can cause the waistcoat to bunch up and become creased. Avoid this by making sure the waistcoat is an exact fit for your body. 

The waistcoat can match the colour of the coat and trousers, or you could go for something slightly different — dark grey and charcoal are both popular choices.

And there you have it – all the basics you need to know to start rocking that morning suit.

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