7 Ideal Work From Home Businesses You Can Start Today

There are more and more people that want to work for themselves and work from home. Ever since the pandemic hit, it has become normalised to work remotely and essentially, have more freedom. 

For those that would like to work for themselves and work remotely (or from the comfort of their own home), it is possible. With the right tips and attitude, you turn your freelance desire into a reality.

Whether you have experience in the social media marketing industry or have a new business idea, here are some career paths that are ideal for working from home and working for yourself. 

Hands Laptop Working – Free photo on Pixabay
  1. Being an online tutor

Online tutoring has been around for some time. Many students turn to online tutors when they want extra help with their exams. Likewise, it is common for those that want to learn a new language to get help from an online tutor. Hence, it is a great business to start if you want to pursue a role in teaching but have your own schedule and clients. 

You can Become an online tutor by attaining a qualification. You do not necessarily have to have a degree to be an online tutor. So long as you have the expertise, you just need to have a qualification. For some clients, it might be preferable that the tutor has a degree or extra experience. Yet, it is not always essential. 

It is possible to be an online tutor for various subjects from languages to arts and crafts. 

  1. Dropshipping

If you have a vehicle and plenty of space in your home, then it can be a great idea to get into dropshipping. Dropshipping involves an individual housing a brand’s goods in your own space and then shipping them to the customer when they make an order. 

You will essentially create a home-based business to be the manager of a brand’s orders as well as their delivery driver.

Dropshippers can offer their service to one company or multiple. It all depends on your space and time. 

  1. Create and sell your own products

Anyone with a passion for home-making goods such as cakes or stationery can create their own business in the comfort of their own home and also sell them from home. 

There are hundreds and hundreds of products that are possible to create and sell from home. 

All you will need to do is set up a website or a social media page to promote and manage customer orders. It can be beneficial to have both (a website and social media pages) to enhance brand awareness and maximise orders).

  1. Online services

There are plenty of online services that require little experience and expertise. Yet, they can become profitable businesses. With time, a freelance can acquire the skills and customer base that they need to turn their online services into a profitable work-from-home (or remote) business. These include:

  • Virtual assistant. If you are someone that is great at planning, organising, and administration, then being a VA will be an ideal work-from-home job for you. You can take on clients’ calendars and email boxes to help them organise and manage their lives. 
  • Copywriting. Anyone that loves to write will love the idea of being a copywriter. This freelance role can be achieved from anywhere. You could write for websites, magazines, and more in this role. 
  • Marketing. Whether you have experience in marketing or not, becoming a freelance marketer is possible for anyone that has a passion for social media and promotion. You can help brands enhance their reach, awareness, and reputation by helping them create and publish content that will increase sales.
  1. Sell online courses

Alike offering online services and tutoring, you can combine the two and create a work-from-home business that involves selling online courses. 

You could sell photography editing packages or a recipe book. There are a plethora of online courses that can be profitable, should you gain the right client base. 

It is not essential to have qualifications or experience to sell online courses. So long as you seek professional advice from industry experts, the online courses will be safe and efficient for customers to educate themselves. 

For instance, if you are a keen writer and graphic designer, then you will have a blast creating online courses or downloadable PDFs. Let’s say that you want to create a dietary book. You might be well-knowledged on diets and healthy eating. Yet, you should seek professional opinions and scientific knowledge to include in your work to ensure it is accurate and expertly written to help people.

  1. Sell your stuff

Although selling stuff might not sound like a business that you can upkeep forever, it can be if you learn how to buy and sell to earn a good profit. You can kickstart this WFH business by selling your own goods. You should set up a website or a social media page to promote your goods and attain a customer base. Thereafter (once you have sold out of your own goods), you can learn to buy and sell.

You could buy and sell clothes, shoes, books, art, and so much more. So long as you know how to purchase goods for a low cost, you can earn maximum profit.

  1. Start your own daycare

If you have time, space, and a secure home environment, then you could start your own daycare. This could be for either children or pets. 

There are plenty of people that would love more freedom in their lives when they are working. Hence, having a reliable person to look after their child/pet will make their lives a lot easier. 

You may need to acquire a certification to verify that you are a safe individual. Likewise, your home environment will need to be assessed and certified too. Thereafter, you can start your own daycare business and start to earn a profit by taking care of other people’s children or pets. This is the ideal business for anyone with a loving heart and a desire to care for others.