5 Statement Jewellery Pieces You Must Have This Year

If you want your outfit to stand out and properly illustrate your personality and style, you should consider incorporating various jewellery statement pieces. Statement jewellery is various accessories that add a unique and bold element to your outfit. It adds to the story and style your outfit portrays and makes you stand out confidently and stylishly. Although each individual’s taste in accessories may differ, there are some statement jewellery pieces that are iconic and would make all the difference to any attire. Here are five you should consider.

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  1. Pearl pieces

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls can be just as well! Pearl accessories add a subtle yet elegant statement to any attire. In addition, pearls are also versatile. They can be used in casual outfits and still be used in more formal and lavish styles. To make a lasting impression on anyone who sees you, you can consider getting a pair of pearl earrings with a matching necklace.

  1. A long necklace

If you thought long necklaces were out of style, think again. This iconic piece of jewellery makes a statement by adding a touch of elegance and style to even the simplest outfit. You can put on your long necklace if you are wearing a top with a high neckline or simply want to grace an otherwise simple blouse. You can choose necklaces with a unique pendant to make a louder statement. 

  1. Statement ring

Every accessory can make a statement, from the pieces on your wrist to those on your finger. Rings are jewellery pieces that are small but seem to make a big statement. There are so many options to choose from when selecting your preferred statement ring. You can choose rings with asymmetric shapes and sizes, various gemstones, or signet rings. However, the trick to pulling off a statement ring is to limit the number of statement rings you wear per hand. If you wear too many statement rings, you will take attention away from the one you are trying to highlight. 

  1. Watch

Watches are another accessory that makes a statement. Wearing a watch with any outfit creates a confident, organised, and sophisticated look — no matter what you are wearing. With the numerous brands, designs, and styles available, you would definitely find a watch that reflects your style. You should consider investing in a classic leather strap watch with a simple metallic face in your preferred shape. You should also get a “casual” watch such as Fitbit and other smartwatches, or one that is stylish but not so expensive. This is for those occasions where wearing a “sophisticated watch may be a bit too much for daily use.

  1. A statement bracelet

Now, for your wrists. Cuff, tennis, and bangles are types of bracelets you should incorporate into your outfit to make a statement. To create an exotic statement, you can consider putting on a pair or two of huge cuff or bangle bracelets. A slim diamond tennis bracelet could also help you stand out by adding a touch of elegance to your overall look.