6 Tips For Pulling Off Your Favorite Statement Tees

Statement T-shirts are a must-have for any fashion-forward person. They are very versatile as you can style them in either a casual, sporty, or business casual ensemble. You can also pair your statement tee with a pair of pants, a good skirt, or various accessories that can complete your look for many occasions. Even top designers worldwide love a good statement tee and include them in their runway shows or make them part of their collections. This fact alone goes to show how statement tees remain relevant in today’s fashion industry.

It proves that it’s a timeless fashion piece that won’t go out of style any time soon. You can style your T-shirt in a variety of ways and stand out from the crowd. Below are some tips on how to pull off a good combination:

  1. Pair It With A Good Pair Of Jeans   

When you pair your statement t-shirt with some ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, or skinny jeans, you achieve a laid-back quintessential look. Accentuate the look by adding a fabulous pair of sneakers for a relaxed, casual ensemble. Visit State Forty Eight or other similar shops to find the best styles for any occasion. You can also put on your best heels with your shirt for an exciting night out with friends. It’s a simple look that is easy to pull off and a classic go-to outfit choice for those struggling to decide what to wear.   

  1. Go Business Casual With A Pant Suit   

Wearing a full pantsuit to work can feel a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never gone that formal in your outfit choice. However, if you pair your pants suit with a perfect statement t-shirt, you’ll be comfortable enough to boost your confidence and still be professional enough for any meetings of the day. This look can also easily translate from working attire to a laid-back evening look for those after-work drink events or office events with co-workers.   

  1. Bring Out The Chic With A Skirt   

Adding a cute black skirt to your statement t-shirt creates an elegant outfit that you can wear out to dinner or a fun night out. They come in various cuts and styles, from pencil skirts to high-waisted skirts that include fun patterns and graphics. The sky is the limit in getting more creative with your look and having fun. You can also pair them with funky boots and fun accessories like sunglasses and cool belts.   

  1. Stand Out With A Statement Jewelry   

It’s okay to wear a T-shirt for a night out, even if it is a blind dinner date with a crush. As mentioned before, statement t-shirts can help your outfit easily translate from day to night looks. Add sophistication to it by wearing a statement necklace or jewelry piece. It can offset the casualness of the attire and elevate it elegantly.   

It’s a simple but chic look that can work for any occasion. Invest in some good statement jewelry like rings and earrings if you’re contrasting them to solid colors  

  1. Embrace The Look With An Over-Sized Blazer  

When you pair your statement shirt with an oversized blazer, you create a pleasant business meets pleasure look or a classic rocker ensemble for those music festivals with friends. Get creative with some blazer styles like bringing back padded shoulders or cropped blazers to create a flirty look. The nice thing about this look is that it can be considered a vintage look still prominent on the runway.  

  1. Pair Your Over-Sized T-Shirt With Shorts  

With warmer weather, this is a fun way to let your hair down. Add a pair of shorts to your oversized T-shirt and turn it into a fabulous, laid-back dress-shirt look. Complete the look with wedge heels, sandals, or boots, and it’s fun to experiment with oversized shirts that come in different styles. You can choose from funky and catchy statement pieces with graphics that grab attention. It is also a great look if you are running out for a quick errand or a chill hangout at home.  


A statement t-shirt should be a must-have for any style enthusiast. These T-shirts come in various colors, styles, and cuts, to suit different tastes. These styles can range from single-color block T-shirts to oversized creative statement pieces with eye-catching graphics. You’ll have fun experimenting until you have outfits that make you feel great. Statement T-shirts are a great way to express your personality. By following these simple tips, you’ll always have a go-to casual laid-back look for any occasion.

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