How to Look After Your Jewellery

Anyone that owners jewellery needs to understand how to properly look after it as this will help the jewellery to last while also ensuring that it always looks its best. It can also be hard to know how to properly care for jewellery when there are so many different types and materials each with different care advice. Read on to find out how to look after your own jewellery below.

Wearing Advice

It is always a smart idea to put on your jewellery last when dressing especially if you are wearing makeup, hairspray or deodorant which could cause damage. You should also remove jewellery last and never sleep in it – this can be damaging for the jewellery as well as for you. It is also a smart idea to take off your jewellery before housework, cooking, exercise or anything else which could cause contamination or damage.


When you are not wearing your jewellery it is a smart idea to place it in a separate jewellery box. Try to avoid placing items together as they can cause scratches or become entangled, plus this way you should never lose anything valuable. You should try to keep jewellery out of direct sunlight as well as any heating sources too.

Gentle Cleaning

It is ok to gently clean your pieces from time to time but make sure that you know what material you are working with and get advice from the jeweller that you purchased it from. If you bought earrings from F Hinds, for example, then always check with them to see the best way to clean the earrings and how often it should be done. This cleaning should always be done with a non-abrasive material, such as a soft toothbrush, soap and water.

Professional Cleaning

You can also take your jewellery in to be professionally cleaned – you may have some specialist pieces which will require a professional’s knowledge or materials. This can help to remove any dirt marks, blemishes or scratches to bring the pieces back to its original form.


Finally, any valuable pieces that you have you may want to get certified so that you can make a claim if any items are lost or damaged. Detailed and up-to-date valuations should be made regularly to protect yourself against under-valuation which can be a problem when it comes to insurance claims.

Knowing how to properly look after and protect your jewellery is highly important especially if you have items of high personal and/or financial value. This information should help you to look after your jewellery properly so that all items continue to look their best and so that you can continue to wear them with confidence in the future.

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