5 kitchen gadgets we want for 2016

Gadgets are there to make your life easier by saving you time and elbow grease. The best ones are both functional and stylish to make your kitchen look bang on trend. Here’s our run down of kitchen gadgets we want for 2016.

Fry it out
First you could make tasty chips in just a tablespoon of oil with healthy fryers, but now you can cook a whole meal in the Tefal® Actifry 2 in 1. It has an additional cooking plate so you can fry your fish with your chips or your steak with your wedges, and with only 3% fat. It also has a timer so you can set it while you’re getting on with other chores (or just putting your feet up).

Take it slow
It’s been a long day at work and often the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal from scratch and have to wait for it to cook. But before you reach for the take-away menus, there is another option. Instead, why not throw a few things in your slow cooker before you go to work or even the night before?

They’re great for making stews and other one-pot-wonders such as Bolognese – they even cook a mean pulled pork. What’s more, with the Crock-pot digital slow and multi cook you can slow cook, bake, roast, sauté or steam and it has a keep warm function in case your dish is ready before you want to eat.

A world of variety
You’re in need of a caffeine hit but you don’t want to fumble about scooping and tamping coffee grounds and cleaning them out afterwards. That’s why we love the Tassimo disc machines. Choose from teas, coffee and hot chocolates from your favourite brands – Costa, Carte Noire, Cadbury, Twinings and even Oreo – then just insert the disc and let the machine do the work.

Tassimo coffe maker

What’s even handier about the Tassimo Caddy is that you can keep the discs at hand in the hook-on holders. Not sure about which colour to choose? We think the white colourway looks particularly cool.

A helping hand

If you bake or make bread at least once a week then a stand mixer will make your life a lot easier. The KitchenAid Artisan also makes life a lot prettier and they come in a huge range of stylish colours. It’s not just for baking though, as you can get attachments for making pasta and ice cream, mincing, juicing, slicing and just about any other kitchen function.

Mary Berry has a rise and fall stand for her mixer, as she uses it so much and wants to put it way in between uses. However, the KitchenAid is so good looking you’ll want to leave it out all the time. To be high in the style stakes, go for this satin copper finish KitchenAid, but if you’re not wanting to splash the cash, the standard colours are around £400.

Boiling water on tap
Definitely more of a luxury than a necessity, an instant boiling water tap will take a lot of hassle out of everyday life, from making a cup of tea to boiling your veg. There’s no denying that they are pricey to buy and install – one of the most energy-efficient makes is Quooker, costing between £850 and £1,120. Although it’ll take you a long time to recoup your outlay, there are financial and environmental arguments for getting an instant boiling water tap.


They are cheaper than boiling a kettle on a use-per-use basis and you also save water due to fact that you only dispense as much water as is needed at any one time. Good things to know are: they have a childproof push and turn handle, you can get a set of twin taps if you want boiling water and a mixer tap, and you need to install a mini boiler under the sink.

Kitchen Image credit: Jamie Anderson

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