5 Fashion Essentials for Your Next Winter Vacation

Going on a winter vacation can be an exciting adventure. But, understandably, it’s difficult to pack for. Dressing for the cold can be tricky, especially when you still want to look and feel stylish. Thankfully there are steps you can take to keep up with the latest trends without sacrificing comfort. Sound interesting? 

Below we are going to take a look at five fashion must-haves that you shouldn’t forget to bring along on your next winter vacation. Let’s get started!

Thermal Basics

Layering is critical for staying warm in the winter, and basics, such as these mens thermal underwear sets are essential. Alongside keeping you warm, they help regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture.

What’s also great is that many designs are versatile, meaning they can be worn as a base layer or on their own. If you’re planning on hitting up the slopes or heading out into the great outdoors they are one thing you don’t want to forget.

A Warm Coat

Outer layers can take up a lot of room in your suitcase, so when choosing what to bring, opt for one stylish coat that will keep you warm and comfortable for your entire trip. A versatile color is best, and try and find a water-resistant design in case it snows or rains. 

A long coat is perfect for extra insulation, but if you’re not planning on being outdoors a shorter option can work too. Pay attention to material type as this is what will keep you nice and snug.

A Pair of Boots

Boots are a known winter staple, and for good reason —they keep your feet warm and dry. Invest in a comfortable pair that you can wear both indoors and out. 

If it’s snowing or raining, waterproof boots have great traction for slippery surfaces. Of course, you can use this as an opportunity to showcase your personality as there are so many unique types available.

Scarfs and Hats

Don’t skimp on accessories when it comes to winter travel. While they might seem unnecessary, a scarf that can be wrapped around your neck will add to your outfit and help with extra warmth.

Beanies and wool hats will also keep your head and ears protected. They are especially great for keeping your hair away during those windy days!

A Statement Bag

Lastly, while you may be focusing on your clothing, don’t forget to bring along a statement bag. This isn’t just for style but will allow you to fit in all your winter essentials like your gloves, lip balm, ear muffs, and even some additional pocket hand warmers.

Muted colors like brown, black, and navy work tend to go with most outfits. You’ll also want to ensure it’s large enough, but not so big it’s uncomfortable to carry around. A backpack might be a more appropriate option!

Final Words

And that’s it! With these five fashion essentials, you’ll look stylish and feel comfortable (even in the cold). What do you think? Are there any other essentials you would recommend to others?