5 cool activities to add to any summer bucket list

Summer is arguably the most popular time of the year and offers not only better weather but also time off work to relax a little. Although chilling out on your summer break is always nice, it is worth fitting in some cool activities as well. A good tip to help here is drawing up a bucket list of exciting activities that you could try out in the summer months.

But what are five of the best to focus on? 

1. Bet on top summer sports events

Sports betting is something that is popular the world over and can add lots of fun to following the latest games, events and races. This can be seen in places like the USA, where gambling on top sports like the NFL is massive, and in the UK, where sports betting has long been a favored way to have fun. 

Scandinavia, known for its deep appreciation of sports, has a vibrant sports culture, with Denmark being a prime example. The region’s sports enthusiasts are highly engaged in various sporting events, showcasing their passion and love for games. In recent times, live sports events have captivated the hearts of many Danish sports fans, drawing them into the thrill and excitement of real-time sports action and betting live. 

This is such a good activity for summer because there are always lots of cool events to bet on during this part of the year. In 2023, this includes the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the US Open, the FIBA Basketball World Cup and more! For those who have never experienced the excitement of betting on sports before, it is a perfect activity for any bucket list.

2. Go camping 

Another classic bucket list activity for summer is camping. This might involve heading to a local camp site or venturing further afield to the best camping spots nationally. However you do it, camping is great fun and a magical experience you are sure to enjoy.

It is especially good if you have kids and want to go on a trip that will really excite them. Camping, of course, is also great if you love nature – especially if you head further than your own backyard and take in the stunning scenery on offer. From cooking smores to fun days hiking, this is an activity you will love. 

3. Jet off on an exotic holiday 

If camping is not your thing, getting away from it all to an exotic international destination is a great tip for any summer bucket list. Going at this time of year usually means you will enjoy good weather where you go, and that the shops, bars and restaurants will be fully open for business. This may not be the case in many places worldwide if you go outside of the summer high season. 

To make it truly bucket-list worthy, the key here is to choose a destination that you have always dreamed of. Whether it is Rome, Bangkok, Paris or the Bahamas, choosing a destination that you have been wanting to try for a while will make the trip feel extra special. If you also pick up some tips to make your next trip super-awesome, you are sure to have the best time. 

4. Experience a summer festival 

One classic activity for any summer bucket list is heading along to a festival. While this might be a major music festival such as Outside Lands or Lollapalooza, you could always start smaller with a local, less popular festival. You will be sure to have a blast whichever you go with – and might even see some of your favorite artists perform. 

Of course, it is not just music festivals that make festivals a great summer bucket list selection. There are bound to be many events based around things like poetry, crafts and literature happening at this time of year, which you could pop along to. Just choose one you think will be a blast and get yourself down there.

5. Try out fun watersports 

If you have never tried out watersports at all or have one in mind that you have always been keen on getting involved with, summer is the best time to jump in. The better weather at this time of the year not only sees calmer waters to start out on but also a nicer all-round outdoor experience.

The really cool thing about this option is the number of exciting watersports you could check out. From kayaking to water skiing, sailing and more, there are lots of different sports you could sample. Just remember to find a qualified instructor and a registered watersports center to learn with so you stay safe.

Cool bucket list activities for summer 

As the above shows, there are some really awesome activities that are perfect to light up any summer bucket list. With this period being when most of us have some time off work, it is the ideal time to give them a try. 

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