5 business ideas you can start at home

We all want to earn more money, right? And with most of our paychecks being divided up and fleeing our bank accounts the moment they land in there, it’s hardly surprising that the majority of us wish we could have more left over.

From making well informed stock choices, to cashing in your childhood ISA, even having a purchase from Golden Eagle Coin are all great ways to give your bank balance a much needed boost. But are there any other ways?

Well, have you ever thought about starting a business from home? It could only be something small, but then you might have the pleasure of watching it grow into a full time business that slowly but surely becomes your full time career! Take a look at these business ideas that you can start from your living room. 

Your own cleaning company 

This one is arguably one of the easiest ones to set up. There’s minimal cost and you could either do it whilst the kids are at school or if you’re bored of you regular 9-5. All you need to do is create some flyers and a social media account, purchase some good but pretty basic cleaning equipment and get to work. You can specialise in one off cleans, weekly, or even monthly. End of tenancy cleans or even a car cleaning service. Whatever you think you’ll be best at and manage around your free time. 

House sitting

House sitting is a job that requires a lot of trust, so most of your work here will come through reviews, recommendations and word of mouth. So, if this is something you can see yourself doing, then offer to house sit for friends or family members while they’re away or on holiday. Get them to tell their friends and family and before you know it, you’ll have plenty of enquiries. 


If you have a flair for photography or a passion for taking photos, then why not take it to the next level? Make your spare time all about learning the craft and practice, practise, practise. Once you know the style of your photography and the genre you want to specialise in i.e. weddings, family portraits, landscapes, scenery, products etc – you can build a portfolio and then start to charge. Start modestly and as your experience and following grows, your fee can reflect your success. 

Buy and sell

Head to flea markets, charity shops, see what’s available “for free” on social media platforms, snap it up, repurpose, clean or whatever you need to and then sell it online eBay/Facebook marketplace and earn money. If you got the item for free then you’ll always make a profit. 

Be a star baker

If you love baking and have a bit of flair in the kitchen, then don’t let it go to waste. Make boxes of delicious, extravagant cupcakes and sell them by the box. Make cakes and sell them online or on a market stall. Build a social media presence with plenty of content and you’ll have lots of orders in no time!