Tech: Chic Power!

If you’re anything like me the only way your phone battery lasts until the end of the day is if it stays in your pocket and you don’t actually use it. Mid-day recharging is a first world problem and the only way to make absolutely sure you’ve always got some juice for that night bus selfie is to invest in a power bank. But dont panic! I found a couple that are so hip theyre outrageous.

The Super Power Bank by Soda Says

These funky power banks come with a micro-USB cable, iPhone lightning adapter and an in-built USB port. Phone size and with enough capacity to charge your phone three times. Rubberised and soft to the touch the charger also has four LED lights to show you how much power you have left. Available in blue, green and pink.

The Super Power Bank by Soda Says – £30 –

The Avocado Powerbank

This cute little avocado power bank doesn’t have the same ‘juice’ storage, but it will store enough power to give your phone a good full charge in no time and it’s definitely the winner on the looks side. Supplied with a 5V/1A input and output

The Avocado Powerbank costs £14.99 from

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