5 Benefits Of Smart Hotel Systems

Technology is ever-evolving. Making its way into the hospitality industry is the concept of smart hotels. Custom android firmware development companies are offering mobile tools that can be used by the staff within the hotel and smart room apps that can be utilised by guests (the benefits of which are listed below). A scalable solution and a piece of technology that can help to make both the guest’s life and the hotel staff’s lives easier, it is a clear indication of what the future of the industry might offer.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

So what are the main benefits of smart hotel systems?

  1. They offer an energy efficient solution

A great benefit of smart hotels is that they allow for better energy management. Connected through the Internet of Things technology, they feature sensors that can determine whether or not anyone is staying in the room. This allows for the lights to turn off automatically, as well as the heating/air conditioning. This undeniably benefits the hotel, as it saves it money in the long run and makes the hotel more environmentally friendly.

  • 2. They offer remote management/room controls

Mentioned above, a smart hotel system can include an app which can be helpful for both the guest and the hotel itself. Guests can use the app to lock the hotel door, open the curtains, turn on the TV, control the lighting and control the temperature. This state-of-the-art feature makes the experience of staying within the hotel more fun and convenient for them – resulting in higher satisfaction in the guests and potentially guaranteeing that they stay at the hotel again. For hotel staff, it gives them the benefit of changing the temperature and remotely turning the lights off within the room when the guest has checked out. It can also help to reduce downtime and can be utilised to see if any devices require maintenance.

  • 3. It will give guests a more personalised stay

If you work within a hotel and want to add an extra touch of personalisation, a smart hotel system can ensure that the guests have the ability to access their own Spotify and Netflix account, as well as allowing you to put the guest’s name on the TV. This along with allowing them to control the conditions within the room makes them feel as though the trip is specifically catered for their needs.

  • 4. It can allow guests to book a parking space in advance

One benefit that comes with transforming a hotel into a smart hotel is that it can offer reserved parking spaces for guests. Fitted with smart sensors and accessible via an app, guests can book a parking spot ahead of their visit. This not only benefits the guest as they don’t have to have the hassle of finding somewhere to park on arrival but benefits the hotel as it will cut costs that would have been spent on hiring someone to look after the parking lot or manually managing the parking inventory.

  • 5. It will result in an overall better experience

Following on from the above point, it’s clear that a smart hotel system can guarantee happier guests and therefore higher satisfaction levels. Making them feel as though they are at home whilst staying at the hotel, it will keep them connected and allows them to make the most out of their stay.