The Confident Man

If there is one thing a lot of women look for in a man, it is confidence. However, confidence is not something everyone was born with. Sometimes, we need to make ourselves more confident. This could be from the way we dress to having a new haircut. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at how to achieve Mr.Confident, from cosmetic treatments to getting a new wardrobe.

Women… How to Dress Your Man like a Celebrity

A lot of men couldn’t care less about the latest styles and trends. That is where you come in; it’s your job to slowly transform their wardrobe into something which is worthy of being a celebrity closet. So, how do you get your man to dress like a celebrity?

What type of style does your boyfriend currently have?

First and foremost you need to decipher the style of clothing your boyfriend has: Is he a casual dresser? Does he like to take risks? Is his style vibrant? Or does he like more conservative colours and patterns? This will help you to decide on the style of clothing you can encourage him to buy. After all, if you go for something which is too different from his current look then the chances are that he won’t wear it.

Determine his celebrity twin

Once you have decided upon the type of style your boyfriend possesses, you should then find a celebrity which boasts a similar outlook on style. You can then create your boyfriend’s clothing look by taking inspiration from this celebrity and looking at the garments that he wears. For example; Tinie Tempah is someone who is experimental with his style; he is not afraid to take risks and often incorporates bright colours. Alternatively, there is Jude Law who always manages to achieve the perfect balance between smart and casual. His signature look is a pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt, a blazer, and a fashion scarf. Then there is former footballer Jamie Redknapp. He always looks extremely smart and sleek. He is mostly seen wearing suits, usually in conservative colours such as grey and black, and he finishes off the look with a stylish yet sophisticated skinny tie.

Keep up to date with the latest trends

If you want your man to dress like a celebrity then you will need to stay up to date with all of the latest trends. Men’s fashion week has just been and gone, thus by taking a look at the photos from these runway collections, you will be able to get some inspiration and ideas. Some of the most popular trends for the upcoming months include futuristic style, military-inspired pieces, striped patterns, and bright colours.

Buy quality clothing

And finally, if you want your man to make the right impression then you need to ensure that his clothes are of a high standard. After all, when do you ever see a celebrity dressed in something which is ripped or torn? Of course, it is unlikely that you will have a celebrity budget, thus you don’t need to go for designer options.

Is your partner’s lack of confidence due to hair loss?

If your partner is experiencing hair loss then you may want to consider one of many options available to you in order to combat the problem.  Before delving a little bit deeper into the benefits associated with hair transplant surgery, it is pivotal to explain how the procedure actually works so that you know what you are potentially getting yourself in to. In fact, the surgery is a rather basic one and involves the doctor in question taking hair from the back of the individuals head. The doctor in question will then move this hair to the section of the head which is experiencing hair loss. The hair will then actually continue to grow from these areas in the future. So, why should you consider undergoing hair loss surgery?


This is the main reason why people seek a hair transplant. A lot of people don’t mind losing their hair; however for others it can be extremely detrimental to their confidence and thus make them feel insecure. Procedures like this can truly change an individual’s life because they give them added zest and a new lease of life. If a hair transplant is going to enhance your self-esteem, then why not?

Quick and easy

In general, hair loss surgery is a very precise and meticulous procedure and it does require a lot of work. However, it is something which several physicians can do at the same time. Moreover, the patient will be able to leave on the same day that they have had the transplant, meaning that this causes little inconvenience to one’s life and weekly routine.


Unlike many other surgery based treatments which are utilised in order to enhance one’s look, a hair transplant is considered to be painless. Thus you do not have to undergo any discomfort in order to get the results that you desire.

Safety and success

This is not a new procedure, and thus it has advanced and developed over time. The success rates have increased dramatically and this is considered a safe procedure to undergo. If you seek a hair transplant then it is very unlikely that you will be disappointed with the result or experience any complications.

To conclude, there are many different treatments that are available today if there is something about your appearance that you do not like and is getting you down – or if your partner is feeling this way. Hair transplant and cosmetic surgery options are not just for women; they are designed for men too. However, this is not a necessity for everyone. It could simply be that you need a style refresh in order to find your confidence. This is something that women can help their partner’s with.