4 ways to start an all-ethical wardrobe

We all love keeping up with the latest trends but, for many of us, that means buying into fast fashion.

In fact, a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation found that one rubbish truck full of textiles is sent to landfill or burned every second. But, there are ways you can reduce how much you contribute to this, with international events like State of Fashion encouraging people to look for sustainability in their fashion choices.

So, if you want to be responsible about your clothing choices, read on to find out how to create your own ethical wardrobe.

Find ethical clothing companies

When you treat yourself to new clothes, the best way to shop responsibly is by finding ethical clothing companies and only buying from these. For example, brands like People Tree have been celebrated for their range of ethical and eco wear, all of which has been produced by Fair Trade workers. Meanwhile, other eco-friendly brands like Thought use organic cotton and natural materials, which are kinder to the soil and Earth.

Even big names like Stella McCartney are becoming more responsible. Having always been eco-friendly, McCartney is now developing a range of sustainable materials. So, if you aren’t ready to give up your luxury lifestyle yet, you don’t have to!

Accessorise responsibly

The right accessories can give your outfit the perfect finishing touch, but these can include unethical processes, like tanning leather, that are toxic to the land and water. So, if you want to be fully responsible with your shopping habits, make the switch to ethical accessories too. Buying pre-loved jewellery, like these diamond bracelets from Est.1897, will ensure you’re not adding to the demand for the destructive mining process. Plus, as you’ll be buying somebody’s pre-loved items, there’ll be less going to landfill per year.

Buy second-hand clothing

Instead of heading to the high-street, shop at independent vintage and second-hand stores, where you’ll find great deals on one-off pieces that’ll have you standing out from the crowd in no time.

Charity shops also offer a great way of ethically sourcing new pieces for your wardrobe. Not only will you avoid throwaway fashion, but you’ll also be donating to worthwhile causes.
Use swishing for a style update A swish is an event you can hold to encourage the free trading of unwanted clothes, rather than sending them to the bin.

There is even an option to swish online. So, if you’re after a unique look, you can sign up to a style exchange service like Swishing and trade pieces with other members. You can even filter for condition, size, and price range, so you can ensure each trade is worthwhile.

Building an all-ethical wardrobe doesn’t have to mean wearing outdated clothing. If you want to act more responsibly while staying stylish, follow our top four tips.

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