State of Fashion 2018 – Arnhem Holland

Sustainability is slowly, but surely entering into more and more aspects of every day life. With each small step our own awareness of the planets fragile balance becomes bigger and even corporate machines like McDonalds (getting rid of disposable straws) are starting to take notice.

The Netherlands is always a country that strives to innovate and look to the future. Whether it is artistically or architecturally its Government has traditionally been supportive of new concepts and its latest initiative is in the world of fashion.

On Thursday 31st May, the International fashion event ‘State of Fashion’ was launched in Arnhem. Opened by Director-general Culture and Media at the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science, Barbera Wolfensberger it is the start of an action programme to help the Dutch fashion sector in their efforts to innovate and become more sustainable.

Together with internationally acclaimed eco-luxury pioneers Oskar Metsavaht (Osklen) and VIN (VIN + OMI), leading examples of a new breed of innovative designers, Barbera opened the first edition of the concept entitles “Searching for the new luxury”.

The series will look at developing new materials, sustainability and a new way of thinking in fashion. It’s vision was summed up nicely by Vin who said “Thought is the new luxury. Thinking about choices rather than impulsively buying”.

José Teunissen, the curator of ‘State of Fashion’ announced at the launch that the programme will take on many aspects and will involve collaborations between the fashion industry, commercial business, educational institutes and designers.

State of Fashion 2018 ‘Searching for the new luxury’


State of Fashion 2018 Arnhem Holland 2018

State of Fashion 2018 ‘Searching for the new luxury’


State of Fashion 2018 ‘Searching for the new luxury’
The show ‘Searching for the new luxury’ part of  ‘The State Of Fashion’ is 7 weeks of exhibitions, shows and events in and around Arhem, Holland. For more info visit the website