4 Things You Had No Idea You’d Need After Plastic Surgery

Money in the bank, pain medication, compression garments — you already know you’ll need plenty of stuff to proceed with your perfect plastic surgery. Whether you’re only daydreaming about your results or you’re already scheduling consults, we’ve got a list of 4 key things you’ll need to recover that you might not have considered. (And 2 of them aren’t even “things”!) Read on to learn more.

A Cozy Nest

A comfortable, tidy home is something many of us take for granted — until we physically can’t tidy it ourselves. Regardless of the procedure you have, you’ll be off your feet for at least a few days. Then after that initial recovery period, more strenuous tasks, such as scrubbing the bathtub and carrying heavy laundry baskets, may still be off limits. Before you have surgery, be sure your home is cleaned according to your standards. By taking care of your home prior to surgery, you can actually aid your healing by minimising stress as you recuperate.

In addition to cleaning, you may benefit from a few of the following:
Stock up on essentials, such as toilet paper, to avoid running to the store when you don’t feel well. Treat yourself to your favorite magazines, movies, and books to keep you occupied while you rest. If you live with family, establish chore duties for others to take over until you’re able to resume them.

The Right Snacks

Although you probably won’t have any dietary restrictions after cosmetic surgery, the medication you’ll be on may diminish your appetite. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make your calories count. Junk food is certainly convenient and can be tempting to reach for when you don’t feel like cooking, so swap out your usual go-tos with healthier options that are high in protein and fiber.

Quick options include:
String cheese or cheese sticks
Low-fat yogurt
Cut fresh fruit
Peanut butter

If you’re so inclined, you may wish to prep and freeze some meals before your surgery so you have easy access to something home-cooked afterward.


The Support of Family & Friends

Plastic surgery is rapidly losing its stigma, but many people are still hesitant to open up about their procedures to everyone. The midst of your own recovery is not the time to clam up. According to this blog post from RealSelf.com, an online plastic surgery community, moodiness and even temporary depression can occur after plastic surgery. It’s so important to have a strong personal support system during this time.

Having a friend to call, a spouse to talk to, or a loved one to shoulder some of the burdens of day-to-day life can change your entire mindset if you’re feeling down after surgery. The good news is that these symptoms don’t happen to everyone, and they’re temporary. Most patients say these feelings don’t last for more than a couple of weeks, and they’re typically associated with being off your feet and away from your normal activities while you heal.


If you’re like most plastic surgery patients, you don’t live in a vacuum. You probably have children to care for, a marriage or relationship to tend, a job to maintain, and more. But surgeons stress that time is the most important thing to give yourself after surgery. Your procedure will dictate just how much time you need. For instance, the Mommy Makeover page of San Jose plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent Lepore says most patients need up to 3 weeks off after that extensive combination procedure. If you’re getting liposuction on one small area, you’ll likely need less than a week. You’ll get a specific guideline from your surgeon, but the gist is that it’s important not to push yourself too much.


The word “patient” certainly has a double meaning in the world of aesthetic medicine — you’ll need patience to be a good patient while you rest, recuperate, focus on yourself, and allow your results to take shape.