3 Easy Mistakes You Must Avoid When Moving Overseas

There are several reasons why people decide to move overseas. It could be for a new job opportunity or educational purposes. Sometimes, it’s for a new start in a new land. Whatever the reason, if you are relocating to another country, you would want your transition to be smooth sailing. Although making mistakes along the way may be inevitable, some can be quite detrimental to the entire process. With that said, here are three common mistakes you must avoid when moving overseas. 

  1. Conducting little to no research on your new destination
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Before you go ahead to move to a new country, it is vital to conduct sufficient research. However, this is a step many miss out on as they think it would ruin their experience when they arrive at their destination. This is far from the truth. Researching gives you an idea of what to expect, such as the traditions and customs of your new home. You also learn about other elements of the country that could affect your quality of living, such as the country’s economic and political status, general security, cost of living, language, and so on. Research also helps you determine if the move to your preferred country is the right choice. 

You can consult reliable blogs online to read articles that share information on your destination. Speaking to expats who have lived in the country is also helpful, as you can learn a lot from their experiences and receive advice and guidance. 

  1. Lack of paperwork

Unfortunately, many underestimate the paperwork needed when relocating to a new country. This often leads to chaos and a plethora of avoidable mistakes. One of the vital documents you would need is a travel visa. A travel visa allows you access to a particular country for a selected period. There are different kinds of visas, and the type you need largely depends on the nature of your relocation. For example, suppose you are relocating to the UK from South Africa because of your marriage to a UK citizen. In that case, applying for a spousal visa is a better option. With a spouse visa UK citizens can legally reside with their non-UK partners. You would also need other documents, such as residency and work permits, academic and medical documents, and tax records, to name a few. To avoid making mistakes, it is advisable to create a checklist to keep track of the paperwork you have and what you need for a smooth relocation process. 

  1. Not terminating or settling existing financial obligations
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Quite surprisingly, many people who move overseas leave without resolving their financial responsibilities! No matter your reason for relocating or how long you would be away, ensuring you terminate or settle your existing financial obligations is advisable. Leaving your bills unpaid would affect your credit score and have you on law enforcement’s radar as a fugitive! Therefore, before you relocate, ensure you inform your local council, bank, and landlord of your intentions to leave the country. Doing this within a reasonable time frame is advisable to give ample time for the terminating process to be completed before you leave.