Goldilocks and the Good Vibe Gummy Bears

You may have heard the benefits of CBD, but don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of getting addicted to smoking cannabis; that’s where Kaya comes in! Offering a range of products that are consumed orally, there is no chance of addiction, and each product is designed with the smallest hit which makes upping your intake as simple as doubling your dose.

This new wave in digestibles consists of CBD which is extracted directly from the cannabis plant and diluted in a carrier such as juice, coconut or hemp seed oil, to produce an edible or oral aid for times when you need a hand: sleeping, de-stressing or for pain relief. I tried Kaya’s Good Vibes Gummies when I had a lot going on both mentally and emotionally, and I needed a bit of a life boost; CBD seemed an obvious avenue to explore before I completely cracked up!

The eye-catching package of gum, gummies and travel sized Rise and Shine Adaptogenic Oil arrived and impressed me with their clear labelling, although the cute little bears in their transparent tub seemed more playful than medicinal, so make sure you keep them out of reach of kids! Resembling a high street brand of sweet, these cute orange and strawberry bears may be small, but contain 10mg of CBD along with a blend of vitamins and minerals to give your immune system a boost of goodness, and the elixir of the Griffonia plant which helps your brain to secrete serotonin which in turn helps it relax.

They may look dainty, but looks can be deceiving! And my first foray nearly put me off, but to be honest that was probably because I have never tasted CBD before and wasn’t expecting the bitterness. But I persevered! Being a newbie, I didn’t want to overdo the dose- and I certainly didn’t want to feel stoned or spun out, so the recommendation is to have one squidgy bear when you’re feeling blue, and enjoy the relaxing effects after about fifteen minutes.

On a particularly stressful morning- after noisy neighbours having a party upstairs leading to a very twitchy night and important work call, I decided to dive in. I created a bit of a ritual, and made sure I was in complete silence with a glass of water on hand. I wasn’t sure if I’d be snoozy or more anxious after popping my first bear, but actually I was neither. I plumped for the orange first- no other reason apart from I prefer oranges to strawberries, but in reality, it didn’t taste too much like oranges anyway; however, it definitely had a zinky aftertaste which makes it seem a tad medicinal. There was no actual “big reveal”, chewed, and swallowed, and I didn’t fall asleep on the sofa, or get the munchies; nor did I have the urge to call a friend and chat all afternoon. For me, it was a lovely, mindful experience where I was choosing to take some time out for myself.

Putting things in perspective, the bears are a great excuse to wind down. I can’t say if they help relieve pain as I wasn’t in pain, but I have tried them before bed and again, they got me in the mood to zen out.

The chewing gum seems to give a less potent version of calm, and has a natural mint flavour and is biodegradable and sugar-free. It’s handy to keep in your pocket if you get stressed on the tube or in busy shops as you can easily keep grounded with every chomp. Whereas I am looking forward to trying out the Rise and Shine tincture on my next flight, as airports always make me anxious, and I need a clear head.

If you’re looking to dabble in CBD, Kaya has options and clear instructions on how to use all their products. Start low and gradually increase until you achieve the desired effect- not everyone’s the same, and we all have a personal threshold, which is why these little bears, gum and drops are ideal, as you can self-medicate until you feel the ultimate benefits of a lighter, less tense life. I can’t say I’m addicted, but I will certainly use again.

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Sara Darling

Sara Darling is a freelance travel, fashion and lifestyle writer. In a previous life she was a fashion luvvie, but quit to follow her gypsy soul! When she is not clutching her passport, microphone or glass of fizz, she can be found avec snorkel in exotic oceans, scouring international flea markets for covetable jewellery, watching indie films or checking out photography exhibitions and wishing she could take a better picture. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram on @wordsbydarling and @1stclassdarling