The Artisan Hotel: Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas and NOT Gambling is a bit like going to the tennis at Wimbledon to eat strawberries. Having said that if you’re one of those people who prefer walking back to your room with some money in your pocket, there are a few places to stay where there you won’t hear the rattling of coin on metal.

The Artisan Hotel has been a really popular location over the last few years, due mainly to their near legendary weekend ‘club’ nights and they attract some of the top DJ’s on the ‘scene’. Am not sure how many people actually go to sleep in the hotel, but it has some nice artistic touches to make it stand out from most places, and all the rooms have a unique funky decor.

They also have a topless pool. Not that it interests me though, I’m a terrible swimmer. I’m hoping to go over to Vegas later in the year, so I thought if I did a feature on them they might let me have a room with a view.

I caught up with a representative from the Hotel to find out a bit more.

Artisan Hotel
Artisan Hotel Vegas

How long has the hotel been open?
It originally opened in 2006 but was purchased by The Siegel Group and reopened again, as it is now in 2010.
How many rooms does the hotel have?
There are 62 standard rooms in total.
Was there an inspiration behind the design and concept of the hotel?
We wanted to give the place an elegant, yet eclectic atmosphere, we have a unique art collection with signature ornate frames adorning the lobby, hallways, rooms and ceilings.  The art comes from a wide mix, from contemporary to classic artists including Cezanne, Chagall and Da Vinci.
What sort of crowd do you get at the club nights?
We are probably best known for the award winning After Hours club nights. Artisan also is popular among the hospitality industry workers and now features Sunday nights Industry After Hours events. It somewhere the rest of Vegas come to get away to let off steam.

Does anyone actually sleep in the rooms at the weekend?
Yes, average weekend rates are under $100 and we always usually room packages often available, so rooms at Artisan are great value.

What can you recommend from the restaurant?
Thai Chicken Cakes and Kobe Sliders are great starters, followed by Braised Short Ribs, and the Grilled Pork Chop are perfect entrees.

How would you sum up the hotel in 3 words?
Eclectic, Unique and Comfortable.

The Artisan Hotel Las Vegas
The Artisan Hotal Las Vegas
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