Make Your Car Look Amazing

Most car owners spend a lot of time and money on and in their vehicles. We want our cars to perform well and look nice. That’s why so many of us opt to buy shiny new vehicles more often than perhaps we really need to, but there is an alternative!

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It is possible to completely transform used cars, making them look just as amazing as newer vehicles, and it could save you from buying a new car and trying to keep up with the Joneses when you really don’t need to…

Clean and declutter your car

Used cars often look in worse shape than they really are because they have not been cleaned, tidied and organised quite as often as they should be. So, before you do anything else, give your car a thorough wash and polish., Then, vacuum the interior, and get rid of any clutter that really doesn’t need to be in the car. Once you’ve done this, you can keep on top of it with regular maintenance and it will always look its best without too much effort.

Get new floor mats

Floor mats tend to get worn and dirty much faster than the rest of your car, so by simply switching them out for newer versions, you can immediately make your car look better. Instead of opting for the usual black, grey or brown mats, why not shake things up with red, blue, or even pink mats? 

Slip on some seat covers

In a similar vein, covering your vehicle’s existing seat covers with a new set is a great way to revive your car and make it look as good as new. You can get custom car seats made, but they are pretty expensive and ready-made ones can be just as good — just make sure that you choose the right seats for your car’s make and model.

Get new wheel trims

If your wheel trims are dirty, scratched and dull, one way of making your car look as amazing as those shiny new ones you’ve been lusting after is to have them replaced with a brand new set. You can get a set of four wheel trims for as little as £17 so this is a very affordable solution that will make a big impact.

Colour in scratches

Scratches can make your car look bad, so you’re going to want to fix them. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to take your vehicle to the garage for an expensive respray — if the scratches are fairly small, you could buy a scratch repair pen and do it yourself. When done by a professional, Paintless Dent Repair won’t compromise your vehicle’s factory paint.

Consider Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping involves laying a vinyl coating over the top of your car. This can be coloured or patterned as to how you desire and can offer the illusion of a custom paint job without being permanent (when you want to sell your car you can simply take the vinyl wrapping off). Vinyl wrapping can have other advantages such as protecting your paintwork from scratches and rust. Specialist companies like Armour Doctor can carry out vinyl wrapping for you. Adding a vinyl wrap can be intricate work and is best left to professionals.

Upgrade the hardware

From installing a new speaker system to buying a brand new GPS system. Anything you can do to upgrade the hardware in your car will help to make it feel fresh and new again and ensure that your driving experience is just as good as your friend’s with the shiny new Audi.

Give your car some TLC and you won’t have to worry about buying new for some time.

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